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+ - Spore DRM servers fail for legitimate users->

Submitted by ringbarer
ringbarer (545020) writes "Many users are reporting that the DRM for EA Games' Spore (the most pirated game of 2008) is failing. New users are finding their CD keys have not been able to validate for over a month, leaving the few legitimate purchasers with a $40 coaster. EA Support is refusing to respond to any support tickets raised on the matter. This has occured shortly after 1500 EA staff were made redundant. Guess they should have kept their DRM specialists on the payroll!"
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Comment: Fucking dickhead (Score -1, Flamebait) 621

by ringbarer (#30302150) Attached to: SETI@Home Install Leads To School Tech Supervisor's Resignation


Especially not somewhere that's funded by public money. I don't pay my taxes to waste them on looking for spacemen.

Wake up people! We're alone and adrift in a godless universe, and no amount of "I want to believe" is going to change that.

We're an anomaly. A bunch of selfish amino acids and various meats bagged up in fatty tissue. There's no aliens. There's only us.

And we can't even get THAT right.

This fucker deserves to be anally raped for the time and effort he's wasted.
Throw him on the pedo list too - He fits the demographic.

Comment: Read the fucking article people! (Score -1) 238

by ringbarer (#29457061) Attached to: Casual Games Quickly Transforming the MMO Market

The last bit that's linked at the end. The one where SOE have been proven to reduce the value of paid-for virtual items without notifying the end-user. Standard creepy practise for John Pedo-ley.

That's more interesting about some douche whining about other people getting WoW purples for tokens.

Comment: But I'm confused... (Score -1) 255

by ringbarer (#28884277) Attached to: The Pirate Bay Ordered To Block Dutch Users

I thought the Netherlands had progressive drug legislation. Which, as every internet forum commentator can tell you, is the cure for all of Society's ills.

Now that the Netherlands has been proven, by rule of <TEXTAREA>, to be completely perfect in every way, then why would the Dutch want to download files illegally?

You know you've landed gear-up when it takes full power to taxi.