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+ - Spore DRM servers fail for legitimate users->

Submitted by ringbarer
ringbarer writes: Many users are reporting that the DRM for EA Games' Spore (the most pirated game of 2008) is failing. New users are finding their CD keys have not been able to validate for over a month, leaving the few legitimate purchasers with a $40 coaster. EA Support is refusing to respond to any support tickets raised on the matter. This has occured shortly after 1500 EA staff were made redundant. Guess they should have kept their DRM specialists on the payroll!
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+ - "soesucks.net" forum DDOSed - by Sony?

Submitted by ringbarer
ringbarer writes: The discussion forum soesucks.net, originated to discuss the shady business and marketing practices of Sony Online Entertainment, has recently come under a Denial of Service attack.

Although denial of service attacks are not unusual in the serious business of video game advocacy, reports are indicating that a block of Sony owned IP addresses were part of the assault.

An additional admission of guilt has been posted on the MMORPG.com Forums, wherein the perpetrator alleges they were paid by Sony to act as viral marketing on their behalf. The DDOS against the soesucks.net forum was allegedly part of this action.

Given the Sony Corporation's previous shady marketing strategies, this latest accusation cannot be immediately discounted.

+ - Muslim clerics demand world adopts 'Mecca Time'

Submitted by ringbarer
ringbarer writes: BBC News report that a cabal of Muslim scientists and clerics have convened in Qatar to state that Mecca is the true centre of the Earth, and global time should now be measured from this meridian.

Citing infallible geological evidence proving the longitude of the Saudi city is in perfect alignment with Magnetic North, prominent clerics have decreed the use of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as a fallacy:

"... the English had imposed GMT on the rest of the world by force when Britain was a big colonial power, and it was about time that changed."
Star Wars Prequels

+ - Jim Ward quits LucasArts

Submitted by NeverForgive051115NeverForget
NeverForgive051115NeverForget writes: Kotaku are reporting that LucasArts President Jim Ward has quit the job citing "personal reasons", and will be leaving in a couple of weeks.

And another decision maker behind the disaster which was the NGE is cast into obscurity.
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+ - Bioshock PC is defective by design 4

Submitted by ringbarer
ringbarer writes: Kotaku reports that the long-awaited spiritual successor to System Shock has a few shocks for any PC gamers who want to buy it. Customers are discovering that the 'SecuROM' anti-copying technology will only permit them to install the game twice, after which the DVD becomes nothing more than an expensive coaster. As PC Gamers are renowned for rebuilding and reinstalling their machines on a regular basis, it is clear that this will only hurt legitimate players.

+ - Drive 500 miles for a 5 minute charge

Submitted by ringbarer
ringbarer writes: In the wake of rising gasoline costs there have been plenty of alternatives seen on the horizon. Including Hybrids, Biofuels, fuel cells and battery powered all electric cars. CNN has recently posted a story about a company (EEStor) that plans on offering Ultra-Capacitor storage products. The claim being that you charge the ultra-capacitor in 5 minutes, with approximately 9$ (~$.45 a gallon) of electricity and then drive 500 miles.

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