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+ - Ars Technica loses Facebook page->

Submitted by rilian4
rilian4 (591569) writes "I've been following the ongoing thread over at ars that their facebook page has been blocked with apparently no recourse. Many posters there have detailed their own sagas of inability to address grievances either with facebook blocking pages or w/ other users harrassing them, etc.

Late breaking updates suggest that the size of ars has made facebook sit up and take notice but their facebook page is still down and they have not been given much to go on."

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+ - Substitute teacher convicted on porn charge

Submitted by
rilian4 writes "eSchool News online( Free registration required to see more than the first page) has the following: A substitute teacher in Connecticut has been convicted of exposing middle school students to porn but she claims she was the victim of pop-up ads and spyware...

From the article: "A substitute teacher in Connecticut has been convicted of exposing students to pornography on a classroom computer in a high-profile, and controversial, case. Prosecutors claim she clicked on pornographic web sites, but the teacher says she's the victim of graphic pop-up images generated by spyware and adware."

This is a brutally unfair conviction. I am an IT staffer at a high school and anyone w/ half a brain should know this substitute did nothing wrong here. Pop-up porn is sometimes very very difficult to get rid of and I would not expect a sub to know how to do it. Her story as related in the article is very believable to me as someone who is in IT in a school.

I hope she appeals and gets this overturned. A conviction like this can and will ruin her life.
I am posting this story here in the hopes her case makes a big news splash. This needs more attention!

Get the full story here: cleID=6873 test"

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