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Comment Wait for the PIL (Score 1) 205

Soon there will be a public interest litigation filed in the Supreme Court challenging the order and the court, probably already peeved at the government's ignorance of its refusal to block porn, would make the government overturn the order.

Also, not a good idea where every third person is youth [1].


Comment Re:One Facebook... (Score 2) 172

> most people under 20 do not have much interest in Facebook at all. They have accounts of course, but very few are very active.

That is true for mostly US/Europe - Asia is a clear exception where Facebook is still very much the medium of choice and snapchat etc haven't even come close to replacing it.

Comment Re:Cost benefit ratio (Score 2) 58

Intelligent bricks:

brick1: Man, look at that brick chick just out of the kiln.. she's hot! I have a hard-on
brick2: Stop hitting on her!
brick1: Look, I'll just fly-over and tell her that I had to lay upon her... I'm smooth like that.
brick2: Dude, don't be all hot and heavy... you'll be stone-walled.
brick1: You can't break my resolve (flies away).
brick2: Sigh.

The easiest way to figure the cost of living is to take your income and add ten percent.