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New Linux Petabyte-Scale Distributed File System 132

Posted by samzenpus
from the check-it-out dept.
An anonymous reader writes "A recent addition to Linux's impressive selection of file systems is Ceph, a distributed file system that incorporates replication and fault tolerance while maintaining POSIX compatibility. Explore the architecture of Ceph and learn how it provides fault tolerance and simplifies the management of massive amounts of data."

Comment: Re:Great way to piss off LTS userbase. (Score 1) 211

by rikrebel (#28910725) Attached to: CentOS Administrator Reappears

I am responsible for an extremely sensitive real time transaction system.

My company operates in a bit of a panic mode due to the nature of the revenue flow. We ma*e contingency plans for even tiny things. The CEO is absolutely brutal over any thing that smells li*e ris*.

What really burns is the lac* of a decent budget.

It's called being prudent. And you can *iss my hairy balls.

* my "cay" *ey just bro*e. Cats + water glass with straw on des* = straw-now-cat-toy and wet *eyboard.

Comment: Great way to piss off LTS userbase. (Score 3, Interesting) 211

by rikrebel (#28909201) Attached to: CentOS Administrator Reappears

This whole story is unnerving.

CentOS is widely used in datacenters due to it's red-hattyness, it's Long Term Support, and conservative adoption of whizbang.

It's by far my favorite distrobution for important servers.

I have already had two meetings over this and had my team start their proposals for alternate LTS distros and a migration plan. I am sure I am not the only one.

If the CentOS project manages to remove this single point of failure I think confidence will return. But I think I'll keep my projects going for a while just in case.

Operating Systems

CentOS Administrator Reappears 211

Posted by Soulskill
from the bet-he-was-hiking-in-the-appalachian-trail dept.
str8edge sends word that Lance Davis, the CentOS project administrator who had mysteriously gone absent, has now returned and is working with the development team to get things back on track. From their announcement: "The CentOS Development team had a routine meeting today with Lance Davis in attendance. During the meeting a majority of issues were resolved immediately and a working agreement was reached with deadlines for remaining unresolved issues. There should be no impact to any CentOS users going forward. The CentOS project is now in control of the and domains and owns all trademarks, materials, and artwork in the CentOS distributions. We look forward to working with Lance to quickly complete all the agreed upon issues. More information will follow soon."

FCC Probing Apple, AT&T Rejection of Google Voice 204

Posted by Soulskill
from the now-you've-done-it dept.
suraj.sun writes with an update to the news from a few days ago about Apple pulling Google Voice apps for the iPhone. Their actions have raised the interest of the FCC, which is now beginning an investigation into the matter. "In a letter sent to Apple, the FCC asked the company why it turned down Google Voice for the iPhone and pulled several other Google Voice-related programs from the iPhone's only sanctioned online mart. The FCC also sent similar letters to both AT&T — Apple's exclusive carrier partner in the US — and Google, asking both firms to provide more information on the issue. The FCC's letter asked Apple whether it rejected Google Voice and dumped other applications on its own, or 'in consultation with AT&T,' and if the latter, to describe the conversations the partners had. In other questions, the FCC asked Apple whether AT&T has any role in the approval of iPhone applications, wants the company to explain how Google Voice differs from any other VoIP software that has been approved, and requested a list of all applications that have been rejected and why."

+ - Do Not Call Registry gets wake-up call-> 2

Submitted by
coondoggie writes "If you signed up for the federal or your state's Do Not Call Registry a few years ago, you might want to thing about refreshing it. Pennsylvanians this week got a wake up call, so to speak from the state's Attorney General Tom Corbett who kicked off a public awareness campaign designed to remind people what many have forgotten or never knew — that the 2002 law set registrations to expire after five years. That is of course unless you want to start hearing from those telemarketers as you sit down to dinner. Corbett said about 2 million people signed up in the immediate aftermath of the law taking effect and those who do not act by Sept. 15 will have their numbers dropped from the registry on Nov. 1. The Pennsylvania action is a reminder that the National Do Not Call Registry has a five year life span as well. The Federal Trade Commission is set to being a nation campaign in Spring 2008 to remind all US citizens to refresh their federal Do Not Call Registry standing."
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+ - UCLA Probe Finds Taser Incident Out Of Policy->

Submitted by Bandor Mia
Bandor Mia (666) writes "Last November, it was reported that UCLA cops Tasered a student, who forgot to bring his ID, at the UCLA library. While an internal probe by UCLAPD cleared the officers of any wrongdoing, an outside probe by Police Assessment Resource Center has found that the police actions on Mostafa Tabatabainejad were indeed out of UCLA policy. The probe was conducted at the behest of acting UCLA Chancellor Norman Abrams.

From the report:
"In light of UCLAPD's general use of force policy and its specific policies on pain compliance techniques, Officer 2's three applications of the Taser, taken together, were out of policy. Officer 2 did not take advantage of other options and opportunities reasonably available to de-escalate the situation without the use of the Taser. Reasonable campus police officers, upon assessing the circumstances, likely would have embraced different choices and options that appear likely to have been more consistent both with UCLAPD policy and general best law enforcement practices.""

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+ - Google's $4.6bn wireless plan grounded

Submitted by Almir
Almir (1096395) writes "Google's plans to bid for a portion of America's airwaves were dealt a blow last night when the Federal Communications Commission refused to approve two of the internet company's conditions. Google had said that it would match the $4.6 billion (£2.3 billion) reserve price set for a 700MHz licence, which could be used to provide wireless broadband internet access across the US from 2009, if the eventual winner was forced to meet four "open access" conditions. However, two more controversial provisions put forward by Google, which would require the eventual licensee to sell access to its network on a wholesale basis to rivals and allow other parties physical access to infrastructure at realistic points, were not included."

Comment: Re:I made billions- but you'll be replaced (Score 2, Insightful) 722

by rikrebel (#18270618) Attached to: Bill Gates Speaks Out Against Immigration Policies
Agreed. Bill is speaking out because he wants super cheap low quality labor.

Have you ever been on the other side of an outsourced (as in india/thialand/china/japan) sw dev project? What a NIGHTMARE. Awful code, long hours of conf calls just to explain we want "push" instead of "pull"... Then to wake up the next day and have it wrong still.

MS does nothing without it's own profit margins in interest. It's corporate psychopathy. Can you say Enron?


Some people have a great ambition: to build something that will last, at least until they've finished building it.