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Comment: Re:Monopoly (Score 1) 183

by rikkards (#49364947) Attached to: Best Buy Kills Off Future Shop

That was Business Depot not Office Depot. They weren't bought out they were the same company but there was an issue with trademarks so they couldn't call them staples. I guess at some point that got dealt with.

One of my first job was working at the East end Business Depot in the early 90's right behind Future Shop.
Want to know where they are burying FS as I want to piss on their grave. Oh the stories I could tell about their lack of ethics (let alone skeevy sales practices)....

Comment: Re:Best buy (Score 2) 183

by rikkards (#49362227) Attached to: Best Buy Kills Off Future Shop

Yeah sorry, Future Shop practices were questionable before Best Buy bought them out. Once they did 99% of the stuff they carried were identical with maybe one or two things differing between them in each apartment. Surprised this didn't happen before.

One of my early jobs was working in a Business Depot and we heard and (I personally) experienced some of the crap they were pulling. An example was I had the floor model of a computer for sale and had a customer come in. He seemed interested and was going to but it but had to go move money. I promised I would hold it for him, about half hour later some guy shows up interested and really wanted to buy it (like pressuring to sell it). Told him no, other guy comes back and buys it. While later I was in Future Shop and lo and behold who do I see working there but the guy who came in after. Figure he was trying to buy it so that the guy would come back and buy his model and then return it. Not sure but this was before Best Buy bought them out.

Anyone remember Futile Shop?

Comment: Re:Well done, smart guy (Score 4, Interesting) 247

by rikkards (#49195257) Attached to: How Activists Tried To Destroy GPS With Axes

Actually Iraq handed over Iraq to ISIS since as usual:
1. most they had similar religious beliefs so why would they fight them
2. some ran away dropping their weapons
3. rest got overrun and executed

And actually there were WMDs and they found them. Problem was that they were made by allies to the US and they didn't want to embarrass them. Side note BBC had a great documentary that covered the buildup. Essentially they had one guy that was feeding the CIA info on WMDs but they were skeptical. Problem was higher ups (Wolfowitz and Cheney) decided to take him on face value until it was literally too late.

Comment: Re:Take your space (Score 1) 290

by rikkards (#49108521) Attached to: How Walking With Smartphones May Have Changed Pedestrian Etiquette

I had that when out for a run, I usually take the right hand 6" of side walk and when running I saw a guy about 200 yards in front of me walking the opposite direction right in the middle of the sidewalk. Needless to say he was quite shocked when I didn't move onto the grass. I outweighed him by probably 30lbs so he definitely felt it.
Needless to say I don't think he will assume people will get out of his way from now on.

Comment: Re:Implement locally? (Score 1) 145

by rikkards (#48922599) Attached to: How One Small Company Blocked 15.1 Million Robocalls Last Year

Surprises me no one has come up with a box that you put between, have a little wireless connection and a web page to manage. It could mimic the same as the android blocker app. You could back up your white and black lists. Basically it checks the call display and hang it up if it is on the black list. Your phone would never ring. You could also send logs via email if needed.

Comment: Re: This is a foolish business decision. (Score 1) 437

by rikkards (#48729995) Attached to: Netflix Cracks Down On VPN and Proxy "Pirates"

They started about 3 weeks ago or so. All of a sudden my wife lost some of the shows that she was watching. Looked into it and this is already known and how to circumvent it. Essentially the Netflix app is trying to get back to Google's DNS servers to determine GeoLocation. Block that and it gives up.

Comment: Re: Wrong conclusion (Score 1) 269

by rikkards (#48590457) Attached to: Apple's iPod Classic Refuses To Die

Surprised they are allowed to bring them into the area. Granted it has no camera but it is a perfectly viable usb storage device. Our areas bringing any govt owned electronic devices without it being approved by our designated security officer is a no-no. Personal devices would be considered verboten from the get-go

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