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Comment: Re:I do not get it... (Score 1) 415

by rider_prider (#31923566) Attached to: The iPad As In-Car Entertainment System Killer
I have one in my van, we don't use it all the time, but we do use it for longer trips (2 hours+). It's just one more option (including books, travel games, talking) that makes trips a little less boring. We live in western Canada travel more than 40,000 km's per year, for work, sports, visiting family, vacations,... Sitting in vehicle for 8 hours of driving over a weekend, is a lot to ask from little kids.

Comment: Hope this stays only in California (Score 1) 762

by rider_prider (#29798835) Attached to: Car Glass Rules Could Impair Cell, GPS and Radio Signals In CA
I hope this doesn't spread, we need all the heat from the sun we can get up here in Canada,... Trouble is legislators/regulators tend to follow the leader and not think for themselves. Using this kind of glass in colder climates would be a big mistake. For example today at 8 degrees Celsius, my car interior was warm when I got in it a little bit ago, with all frost melted off.

Comment: Re:Microserfs (Score 1) 207

by rider_prider (#29290381) Attached to: Coders At Work
The problems due to y2k were for the most part well understood and easily fixed. Also even if left unfixed they could not possibly have caused a meltdown of our society. The main thing we should have learned from y2k was we should avoid the massive overstatement of the risk and just plain fabrication that went on in the lead up to the big day. As we can see from today's media that is no longer a problem,...

Comment: Re:I Don't Buy It (Score 1) 1165

by rider_prider (#18318877) Attached to: Scientists Threatened For "Climate Denial"
for example, you mentioned the polar bear issue, the actual numbers indicate (something like) only 5 of 17 populations of polar bears are decreasing, other are stable or increasing, which is what one would expect from any species. So why the call for endangered status? Also the polar bears did not die off during the medieval warm period so why are we the panic now? Questioning the conclusions of science is a critical part of good science. When we start to discourage open and transparent discussion based on fact we all lose.

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