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+ - Sourceforge spreading Adware-InstallQ virus

Submitted by rickymoz
rickymoz (533931) writes "To my surprize, when I tried to download the latest FileZilla for Windows (FileZilla_3.7.2_win32-setup.exe), the downloaded filename turned into 'SFInstaller_SFFZ_filezilla_8979715_.exe'. And boom, the anti-virus detected Adware-InstallQ. I've found out that some projects bundle their software with this install-wrapper in order to make some cash, but that was restricted to 'dubious download sites' [ref]. I didn't know sourceforge has now turned into such a filthy dirty swamp..."

Comment: But is Windows really as straightforward? (Score 1) 1

by rickymoz (#8232398) Attached to: POST: Why People Don't Like Linux
Very nice article indeed. I've been using Linux for 2 years now and true, the start (for administrating my box) was quite tough. But now let's look at another side of the problem.

My wife is using Linux daily. I configured her account with a nice wallpaper, put the icons of the programs she needs next to the k-menu, removed the additional desktops, added K-weather, a second clock showing the time it is where she's coming from etc... etc... She is using the computer for 4 major tasks:
1- surfing the internet
2- resizing photos
3- chatting
4- watching DVDs

For 1, I gave her Mozilla
For 2, I gave her Gimp and showed her how to resize and save
For 3, I gave her Gaim and configured her account
For 4, I gave her MPlayer

Does she have any problem? Not at all. Does she have to worry about root passwords, upgrades and so on? no, I'm doing it. And that's no big deal.

Now let's look at Windows. If somebody configured it for you, then sooner or later your system will start to get slower, you always have to watch out for viruses and co, even as a user!

Sometimes for fun I'm reading these "Make Windows safer, faster...." articles. It's terrible. Every single user has to care about so many things until they get fed up and stop updating their virus signatures and eventually get infected. And start over with a fresh install. And loose their data, which they obviously didn't back up.

Don't get me wrong, your article points out some very serious problems. But why Linux has problems, Windows has its own ones.
United States

Journal: "After the Empire" by Emmanuel Todd (book review, part I)

Journal by rickymoz

I've come across a very interesting book that sheds some light on what's happening right now in the USA. I hope that the mere American Flag at top of this article won't have the same effect like it had in my previous entry about the USA: it just attracted like a magnet two or three American patriots, bringing in fact one only argument: "we are the best, the greatest and you won't stop us doing what we want to do".

The Internet

Journal: dot-name jungle

Journal by rickymoz

One year ago, by mid-December, I registered my dot-name address. I wanted to be the first to put hands on my name. By that time, I was clever enough not to give answer to those numerous spams of registrars wanting you to register your dot-name with them. I went directly to the ICANN to see which registrars are allowed to do that. Having heard of pseudo-registrars just wanting your money for pre-registering, I thought that would be a wise step. I still think it was. The


Journal: HTML-Kit with wine

Journal by rickymoz

Since the school I am teaching at is still using Windows (we're going to switch to Linux really soon now), I decided to use HTML-Kit as a preferred HTML editor (for my web classes).

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