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Comment: Re:Outsourcing Exchange is always a PLUS (Score 1) 182

If you EVER had to do destkop support 1/3 of your calls our HELP MY PST IS CORRUPT I MUST HAVE IT ALL BACK!

It is great when the average person receives over +110 emails a day with a 100 meg quota is thrilling! People at work lose them all the time when their .pst hits 18 gigs and go all the way to SVP of IT to demand that billly gates fix it because they need every email for the past 10 years. ... ok rant off.

But with the cloud quotas and .pst files are a thing of the past. At least I would want to outsource this as these users will never accept lost as an answer.

Comment: Re:don't have money to waste (Score 1) 77

by PopeRatzo (#47546283) Attached to: SpaceX Executive Calls For $22-25 Billion NASA Budget

Military budgets were higher as a result of Iraq and Afghanistan, but you'd have to count the entire military budget as "war costs" to reach even $4T, much less $6T.

Well, it adds up pretty fast when you look at the lost productivity of the men and women who went to fight and the fact that now we're on the hook for a lifetime of medical care for every single one of them, plus other benefits, and a lot of them came back very broken, with pieces missing and will require expensive medical care for the rest of their lives.

When you see the $4-6 trillion figure for the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, you're looking at more than just the cost of bullets and MREs. The notion of True Price Accounting, where you look at the externalities of a product, service or government policy, is actually quite useful. It gives us a good idea of the true costs of things. A former CIA guy named Robert David Steele has written a few books on this topic and they're quite illuminating. He's also the guy who wrote a book called "Open Source Everything" which is a very interesting take on government and information.

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So, if Apple intends for your iPhone to only last a year, why do they sell 2 year AppleCare plans, again?

My point was not that the products actually do last more than a year. My point is that sleazy Apple purposely borks their old hardware with updates so you have to buy a new gadget.

The notion that the best we can hope for, paying $900 for an iPhone 5 (64gig) is that it last 12 months is absurd. And you're saying, "Well, what do you expect?"

I guess I can't tell if you're trying to cover for Apple or if you agree with me in hoping that people figure it out.

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by Arker (#47545991) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine
Russia is certainly a bit authoritarian, but they dont tolerate outright neo-nazis.

Whereas the Ukrainian putsch relies heavily on two overtly neo-nazi parties. Their members hold several cabinet posts including security and defense. Their names are Svoboda and Right Sector, you can look them up yourself.

Comment: Re:Hardware ages too (Score 1) 227

No one promised you could own something that works for more than a year.

Then why do they sell 2 years worth of AppleCare?

I'm guessing if you were to ask Tim Cook, "Say, you scrawny little Cryptkeeper-looking fuck, will your product work for more than a year?", I bet he'd tell me about all this customers that are still using 60gig iPods and swear to God that Apple isn't doing what everyone here knows they're doing, which is borking anything over a year old. Then, he'd ask if I've ever seen a grown man naked.

Comment: My four year old phone is slow, news at 11 (Score 1) 227

My iPhone 4 is slow. That's not ACTUALLY a surprise. There was a time where I was on an upgrade treadmill with my PC. A new video card here, a new processor there. Then a full MB swap, more RAM...every year, something else would get replaced. Progress marches forward.

PCs eventually reached a bit of a plateau. Unless you're playing really intense games, you're not going to notice that your machine is old and slow. A four year old PC does most of the basic tasks asked of it, because those tasks aren't terribly hard anymore, and you've already got a lot of RAM and a 2GHz CPU.

But mobile devices are just starting to reach that plateau. Putting more RAM in a phone makes a difference, but they haven't been loaded up from the start because of size and power restraints. Every year sees a small advance in battery tech and low-power computing. So my old iPhone 4 is well behind that curve. That's how things go.

A four year old Android phone is going to have the same issues, assuming we can put aside the question of whether it's getting updates at all.

This is one of those cases where I don't think the manufacturers have a particularly malicious intent. My iPhone 4 is slower compared to the day I first got it, but it does SO much more, and it does those things a lot better than it used to. My experience is richer, even if I have to wait an extra second or two for certain tasks to complete.

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There's also a huge difference between BEING victimized and SAYING you're victimized.
Here's how I see the situation:

During WW2, multiple nations and groups were savagely "victimized" (that's an understatement but we'll go with that as an euphemism): Jews, Gypsies, Poles, homosexuals, etc. It is clear that the most affected were the Jews.
WW2 ended, the deeds were documented, everybody eventually moved on. Everybody but Jews.
Not that I have a problem with that, not at all, people are free to remember the bad things that happened to them, and are free to do that until the end of time. What i have problem with is the fact that their cries became increasingly strident over time. We're currently facing positive discrimination, which is even more ridiculously emphasized that the one regarding black people.

Couple years ago, a lesser government person from my country, due to his severe lack of historical knowledge, said something about the Holocaust, namely he played it down. I don't remember exactly what he said, because I read the statement back then and said "that guy's dumb. So, honey, what do we have for breakfast?" That's exactly how much attention that retard got from me, because that was the attention he was worth. People say dumb things all the time, we don't really pay attention.
BUT! The Jewish association was outraged. How dared he? So they squirmed and pushed and lobbied until that guy was publicly reprimanded by the government and had to go visit the Holocaust Museum in the States, then come back and issue an apology. We, the whole people from my country, had to apologize through our Government for what some dumbass said, and he didn't even really mean it. The poor bastard was uninformed. But nooo, let's not let it go, hurrah, time to rub this in a whole nation's face! said the Jewish Association.

Last Christmas (or Easter? I don't remember. probably Easter) there were some traditional songs being broadcasted over some local county TV station. All nice and good until some song was played which said something about jews, I don't remember what because it was a traditional song (centuries old) and the verses were recited verbatim. It's a documented song, not something made up recently. Anyway, nobody realized it might be offensive to anyone until the very same Jewish association jumped 9 yards and declared that song OFENSIVE and squirmed and pushed and lobbied until the TV station manager was fired and again a public apology had to be issued.

So my advice to Jews and anyone else who acts like that: stop blowing things out of proportion! Your stridence pisses people off and people remember you for being what you don't want to be, rather than what you really are. And to me, you're normal, regular people, not to be hated, not to be looked down at, and to be honest I never ever asked anyone I met what their religion was, because I DO NOT CARE.
But when you act like damsels who faint when they hear the word "spider", you cover yourselves in ridicule. So please, my plea to you is: talk to your representatives ant tell them that not every word issued out of ignorance is a direct attack on your nation.

One more thing: I have a colleague whose last name is Bernstein. I never made the connection until last year when we had a conversation about recent international events and I kept talking about how fascinating is the tech behind the Iron Dome and the Merkava tank, at which point he casually mentioned "yeah i have family in Israel" and only then i realized he was Jewish.
My opinion on him didn't change a bit. It was just a fact, nothing to it.
But if he would have said "yeah we're the best and anyone who messes with us should be put down like a dog" then I would have said "dude you're crazy" and probably wouldn't have talked to him again.
Oh and his manager is German. Heh.

I loathe fanaticism, extremism, the sense of superiority some groups have, etc. And that's valid for ALL groups, regardless of skin color, religion, traditions, past history, etc. And I stop here because most people don't read this wall of text anyway.

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