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by PopeRatzo (#47445493) Attached to: A Skeptical View of Israel's Iron Dome Rocket Defense System

History is not going to be kind to the only liberal democracy in the middle east?

That's correct. A "liberal" democracy the same way South Africa was a "liberal democracy" during apartheid.

Now that I think about it, the Weimar Republic was also a "liberal democracy", as was the United States during the genocide of Native Americans and it's promotion of slavery.

Atrocity in a country that is otherwise supposedly "enlightened" stands out more, doesn't it? And make no mistake: the current government of Israel is perpetrating an atrocity right this minute.

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Oh, you might find this little essay interesting. It's about reducing tariffs when there is no "emergency". It discusses why the benefit of tariffs is not that they help us out of a tough spot, but that they create stability for wage-earners, which is exactly what our leaders have been trying to destroy for the past 30 years.

Tariffs are just one part of a sound trade policy.

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There were extreme situations extant at the time necessitating a tariff. And by extreme situations; I don't mean fiscal irresponsibility. I mean: there was no such thing as an income tax; the new government needed a bit of money to get on its feet, and the tarrifs were low and not a significant barrier.

Whatever the reason, they still boosted domestic production and economic growth.

According to the neoliberal free-trade types, tariffs can only have the opposite effect. It's quite possible that our fiscal irresponsibility is tied to our not having tariffs and other sound trade policies in effect.

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What people who advocate tariffs don't realize is that imports and domestic production rise and fall very closely with one another.

Just like the number of people who drown in swimming pools rise and fall very closely with the number of movies that Nicholas Cage appeared in. My having to pee rises sharply when the sun comes up. Does that mean sunlight makes me pee?

What people who advocate tariffs don't realize is that imports and domestic production rise and fall very closely with one another.

Tell that to the 1950s and 1960s.

The rich that are negatively affected by tariffs are barely affected at all by them.

It's not about affecting the rich. It's not about class warfare. It's about sound domestic industrial and trade policies. It's about what's best for people. And believe it or not (I'm sure you don't) but the levels people doing well do not rise and fall with how profitable corporations are, or with imports. But they do with tariffs.

The first treasurer of the US, Alexander Hamilton knew it. Abraham Lincoln new it. So did Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy LBJ and Nixon. We had high tariffs in place for the greatest periods of economic growth. Real growth, not the bubble economies of Reagan and Clinton, which only made people poorer. What they put into place are negative tariffs which pump up profits and stock price at the expense of peoples' incomes and standard of living. And Barack Obama is the champ at this supply-side game. Pumping money to banks without strings attached so that stock prices soar (it's the only place to put your money). Reagan did pretty much the same thing by using executive action to kill the Taft Harley Act (and eventually, Glass-Steagall a decade later). NAFTA and CAFTA and TPP and TISA are all designed to remove tariffs and "unshackle capital" and they're all designed to redistribute wealth upwards. It's why they exist.

Unfortunately, the supply siders that followed Reagan (every president since 1980) do not know it, and we've been in decline ever since. That's why it kills me that so many liberals who hated Ronald Reagan think Barack Obama is the bee's knees. They both play for the same team.

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My understanding is that in the old days of 20mb hard drives, storage densities were sufficiently low that even after one pass someone might be able to recover the data with at least some degree of fidelity. Once we entered the world of gigabyte drives, densities are so high that it's all but impossible to recover any data after even a single pass wipe

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If you look at the history of tariff's in the US, from the beginning right up until Ronald Reagan virtually opened up America's asshole for a good pounding, in order to enrich a handful of rich banks and corporations, tariffs were always about protecting workers.

Subsidies are the opposite of tariffs, though I give you credit for trying to slip that one by us. It shows you're willing to inject a lie into an argument in order to gain a point. Subsidies only raise prices. They are always pro-corporate and anti-worker. Tariffs on the other hand are part of an industrial policy that helps boost wages. It includes greater pricing power for labor, strict (and swift) enforcement of anti-trust laws, and a minimum wage at least at 1960's levels (which would be over $20/hr in today's dollars). If we had a sensible domestic policy, ADM would have been broken up long ago.

The post-Carter experiment with "free trade" has been nothing but a disaster for Americans. TVs are cheaper, of course, but wages are down, two parents have to work when it used to be one, and profits flow off-shore. So now, with the workforce puffed up by the decline in incomes due to Reaganomics, we are told that things are bad because workforce participation is down, even though it's still above 1960's levels. The use of this argument shows just how willing the corporatist elite are to play a very long game. Convince people that low-wage workers and the unemployed and the middle class have it "too good" while trying to argue that we need to "unshackle" the Fortune 500.

Where did you get the notion that tariffs are "pro-corporate"? Corporations don't have nationalities. They are not people, my friend. How long do you expect Americans to be beaten up by Ronald Reagan's policies before you're ready to admit they're a failure?

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by Arker (#47443341) Attached to: Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction
It sounds like these two will soon be executed. Without being in favor of the death penalty it sounds like it may well have a silver lining in this case. If the facts are as presented, at least, it's probably a very good thing they wont be reproducing again.

Still, surgical sterilization would do the job as well, and unlike the death penalty, it is at least possible it could be reversed, should it eventually come out that the two were somehow framed and not really guilty.

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Trying not to "piss off the law makers" simply caters to their silly protectionist rackets that are doomed to fail business and consumers in the long run.

Except, that's not what happens.

The first laws passed by the First United States Congress after the ratification of the constitution were tariffs. People have a right to protect their homes. "free markets" are a scam for redistribution of wealth upward.

+ - @Congressedits tweets anonymous Wikipedia edits from Capitol Hill->

Submitted by mpicpp
mpicpp (3454017) writes "Ed Summers, an open source Web developer, recently saw a friend tweet about Parliament WikiEdits, a UK Twitter “bot” that watched for anonymous Wikipedia edits coming from within the British Parliament’s internal networks. Summers was immediately inspired to do the same thing for the US Congress.

“The simplicity of combining Wikipedia and Twitter in this way immediately struck me as a potentially useful transparency tool,” Summers wrote in his personal blog. “So using my experience on a previous side project [Wikistream, a Web application that watches Wikipedia editing activity], I quickly put together a short program that listens to all major language Wikipedias for anonymous edits from Congressional IP address ranges and tweets them.”

The stream for the bot, @congressedits, went live a day later, and it now provides real-time tweets when anonymous edits of Wikipedia pages are made. Summers also posted the code to GitHub so that others interested in creating similar Twitter bots can riff on his work.

So far, @congressedits hasn’t caught anything scandalous; most of the edits caught have been stylistic changes rather than factual ones. The most interesting edit found so far was to the Wikipedia article on horse head masks—adding a reference to President Obama shaking hands with a man in such a mask on a recent trip to Denver."

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