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Comment Plex will do exactly what you need (Score 2) 272

Store your digital media on a server in any way you wish. Set up Plex Media Server, associate it with a MyPlex account, and point it at your media. Share your server with your family member's own MyPlex account, and they'll be able to stream everything from wherever (including using a snazzy new Web Client.) Make sure you set up some offsite backup solution, like Carbonite.

Comment More than just Hulu (Score 1) 335

Yes, Boxee can play illegally downloaded content, but this is not what it's being "geared" towards. If it were purely for downloaded content then you could use XBMC, Windows Media Center, MythTV, or any of the many media center software packages out there. Boxee is special in the fact that it has a much wider array of streamed content support (not just Hulu.) If you check out there website it says right on the front pageabout how it supports streaming video sites such as "Hulu, Netflix, ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, Last.fm, and flickr." This is in ADDITION to your downloaded content. Now, I personally prefer my downloaded content as it's the exact quality I want and I don't have to tax my network while playing. Plus, I like having more control over my interface, so XBMC is my favorite, but Boxee is REALLY easy to use, and just simply plays a lot of content. At least try it before writing it off.

Comment ESPN360 (Score 1, Insightful) 355

I had no idea this was happening until last week I went on ESPN360.com to see if they had any of the Australian Open matches streaming. To my surprise when the website loaded I got a message stating "Congratulations! Your ISP, Cavalier LLC, is part of the ESPN network" or something to that effect. At first I was excited. Free streaming matches! Then I realized "what about everyone else?" This is blatantly a violation of Net Neutrality.

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