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Comment: Re:Wait a sec (Score 0) 772

by richpoore (#47107557) Attached to: Belief In Evolution Doesn't Measure Science Literacy
As one who knows evolution happens but doesn't believe in evolution as is referenced in this article, I know evolution happens within a kind of animals. In my biology textbook I read of a lizard population in California which split and became two isolated populations which have become separate species. This is specialization and the formation of new species, I do not believe life came about from natural processes, and I do not believe that a lizard population will ever not be a lizard population.

Comment: Re:How to Falsify Evolution (Score 1) 243

Kjella, I really enjoyed your comment. You have much more understanding of the Christian worldview. The problem is that when you come at evidence with preconceived notions, which we all do, then evidence will be interpreted based on those preconceptions. If you believe that only natural explanations are valid, then you will interpret the evidence to support a natural answer. If, however, you believe that there is a God who exists outside of our space/time continuum, then the evidence will be used to construct a model reflecting such intervention.

Both creation and evolution advocates exercise faith in ideas they deem true, and will cut off people from the dialogue when they disagree. On the creation side, it happens when you discredit what we see as documentation passed from the creator. On the evolution side, it is when there is mention that it may not have been natural processes or that evolution does not extend past limits of kinds of animals.

I had a friend who did not believe in God posit this to his biology professor, that the evolution community, at least in behavior, acted just like a religion. There are unproven things taught as doctrine, and any who disagree with this doctrine will be excommunicated or removed from the community where consensus will be derived. He said his professor conceded that it was true, but that they were right so it was ok.

This is not reason vs religion, it's a battle of worldviews or presuppositions.

Comment: Re:I am reminded of pigs and engineers here (Score 2) 593

by richpoore (#46154155) Attached to: Watch Bill Nye and Ken Ham Clash Over Creationism Live
Where it seems to turn into evidence against the theory is when we find multiple examples of a particular animal with gaps on both sides. I believe Darwin even said he expected that over the next hundred years we would find a continuum of fossils. What we find is several of a particular type and then several of another type with a considerable leap in between. For example, I would expect that we would have T-Rex fossils (which we do) and a continuum of fossils evolutionarily precluding and following T-Rex. If we had only found one T-Rex fossil then it would not seem to argue against evolution. The more T-Rex fossils we find without finding any evolutionary ancestors or descendants, however, begins to point to the fact that they may not have existed.

Comment: Re:So what happens to the hydrogen? That's usable. (Score 1) 375

by richpoore (#45979027) Attached to: Revolutionary Scuba Mask Creates Breathable Oxygen Underwater On Its Own
The article didn't work but from reading the blurb above, it doesn't seem it separates the oxygen from hydrogen, but takes the oxygen trapped in the water like fish do. It's not something I've researched but I'm pretty sure fish don't separate the water molecules.

Comment: Re:Being a Saudi (Score 1) 537

If you created a world be it a SIMs game, or a robot realm, you would have the right to define allowable behavior and destroy robots or remove characters from the SIM game or whatever you wanted. God created this one and He alone ultimately has the right to bring justice, all other justice is delegated (even when the rulers don't acknowledge this). This is why when Pilate asked Jesus, "Don't you know I have power to have you killed or released?" Jesus said, "You only have the power that was given you." God is the authority and ultimately, He can do what He wants with His creation and He is just. That's including making the rules for His creation and deciding on a case by case basis when to impart mercy and grace.

Comment: Re:Don't forget Ananias (Score 1) 537

I'm going to break from the God and the Bible are non-existent or evil motif and answer your question. 1 John 1:9 says, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." This gives a pretty good indication of when we will receive forgiveness. When my son does something wrong, there are consequences. Sometimes, I show mercy and don't give the consequences. This pretty much never happens when he's making excuses, trying to say it's not that bad or it's someone else's fault. Mercy is normally imputed when there is penitence, which is what God wrote through John. Usually, when they lie to me about it, the consequences become much more severe.

Comment: Re:Linux marketshare going down? Or OS X going up? (Score 1) 933

by richpoore (#41165381) Attached to: How Apple Killed the Linux Desktop
Many people don't want to understand how linux works. I've installed Ubuntu on my parents' computer and it works fine although it recently had a flash problem. My parents don't care how linux works. It's better for them because 1. They don't have to pay for it, 2. It's not as susceptible to malware as Windows. I don't have bi-annual calls about the computer going "really slow" and for the most part, things just work. I'm now shopping for the best light-weight (the computer's old) distro with codecs built in. I'll walk my 70 year old mother through installing linux, it'll be legally free and it will just work.

Comment: Re:History (Score 5, Insightful) 738

by richpoore (#40972779) Attached to: Why Apple Is Suing Every Android Manufacturer In Sight
As one who gives random tech support to non-techies sometimes it is easier to talk a user through a reboot than talking them through menus to cycle the network. Sometimes when helping others, especially when you're not present, the easiest route is more desired than the quickest or more efficient route.

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