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Comment Re:metric? (Score 3, Insightful) 237

The first mistake is that they are still talking in inches instead of metric units.

This was my thought exactly. If we continue to build new standards around obsolete measurement systems we are just pandering to the Luddites. It is time to move America forward into the 19th century. If we can't engineer for the 21st century, we should turn the creation of standards over to people can.

Comment Re:Lotteries aren't so bad... (Score 1) 301

I have had access to lotteries since the mid-80s and this is the first time I have purchased lottery tickets. I figured, 0.64 billion $, what the heck, I'll drop $10 on it. I did, and between the 10 sets of 6 numbers, I had one number match. Better than what I figured. I'll buy another in 30 years. :)

Comment An ideal response from NBC would be... (Score 1) 242

They should simply not show his face or say his name on the air or on their web site for 1 week. Every time he would come up, just lump him with "Other" as in Polls (58% support Other), discussions of candidate statements ("In addition to Ron Paul, other candidates have commented on Gingrich marital problems, one stating 'abcdefg hijkl' ") and so forth. Maybe a couple of pictures of the back of his head at debate would be good.

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