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Comment Re:Pff, as if H1B had anything to do. (Score 1) 331

You are exacerbating the issue with that attitude. The only reason you are thinking that way is you were provided the option to come work here and desperately want to try and make a living in an industry that was built by people you are displacing. Do us all a favor and stay in your own country and make it better, build your dream life and make your country a place that will attract every techie wannabe in the world.

Comment Re:Pff, as if H1B had anything to do. (Score 1) 331

And now a local US citizen is out of a job. Who will buy their product? The US citizen who is no longer able to afford it as they no longer have a job? Do you think for a minute that they will lower the price of the product because it was produced cheaper so the lesser paid EU folks can buy it?

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