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+ - Martin Jetpack Climbs 5000 Feet Above Sea Level->

Submitted by rh2600
rh2600 (530311) writes "For years the Martin Jetpack has stayed just a few feet off the ground, invoking frequent suspicion about its true abilities. Well, today that all changed with the first climb test in New Zealand (with weighted crash-test dummy) reaching over 5,000 feet above sea level. The emergency parachute test was also a success. Kiwis can indeed fly."
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+ - Are Wiimote Incidents Helping the Wii

Submitted by
rh2600 writes "With the recent spate of minor wiimote accidents being blogged and filmed, some are wondering whether the viral nature of clips showing people playing the Wii is actually having a positive effect for the Wii.

Now with sites like www.wiihaveaproblem.com and even a (staged?) clip of a possible fatality, it appears that the Wiimote incident has become a humorous meme exposing more to the Wii."

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