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Comment: Google has already had this for years (Score 3, Insightful) 80

by rh2600 (#44462279) Attached to: Google Announces Android Device Manager For Later This Month
It's called Google Device Policy, but it's only been available for Google Apps for Business users


It's great to have a general user option soon, but for those of you with business needs, the option is already there ;-)

Comment: Re:Bias? (Score 1) 99

by rh2600 (#42244883) Attached to: Google App Verification Service Detects Only 15% of Infected Apps
Why not? For all we know their detection may be bayesian based and still has "learning" to do in the field. Maybe this learning can take place in a matter of days with a sampling size as large as Android's. I think a trade-off of some start-up time in return for a system that can cope better with new attempts to circumvent its detection the better. FWIW this article is a beat-up - Google have multiple layers to their malware detection, and they've only tested one layer.

Comment: Re:Actually tried a late model Windows Phone here? (Score 3, Insightful) 645

by rh2600 (#37768466) Attached to: Ballmer Slams Android As Cheap and Overcomplicated
Metro *is* indeed innovative, and beautiful, but it's also very fragile. I was immediately taken by it, like you. I think a huge amount of respect must be given to the team that created something so different to everything else out there, whilst still working well. But sadly, not well enough for me. I found the interface to be too focussed on the zoomed/cropped typography and every app felt to similar and didn't get me thinking in "modes" which I need to do... in many ways it's not a GUI at all... it's a TUI (typographical user interface) and this is ultimately it's downfall... there's definately not enough design vocabulary outside of the type. And the tiles are easily destroyed with hideous work by 3rd parties...

+ - Martin Jetpack Climbs 5000 Feet Above Sea Level->

Submitted by rh2600
rh2600 (530311) writes "For years the Martin Jetpack has stayed just a few feet off the ground, invoking frequent suspicion about its true abilities. Well, today that all changed with the first climb test in New Zealand (with weighted crash-test dummy) reaching over 5,000 feet above sea level. The emergency parachute test was also a success. Kiwis can indeed fly."
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Comment: Re:This is how I feel about Windows in general (Score 1) 758

I know plenty of 'pretenders' designers who claim Wacom and OS X Photoshop with a sense of superiority but are really just cookie cutter wannabe's - yet the best designer I've ever worked with uses a mouse and demands Windows + Photoshop - he runs circles around the others. You know - the old cliches are sometimes true - it's what you do with it that counts / all the gear, no idea etc etc.. Since hiring him I no longer use *any* tool usage as a form of assessment, instead choosing to focus on their actual technique with the tools they use. Which is partly your point, I just don't agree with the apple = better designer myth you continue to propagate...

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.