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+ - P=NP again?->

Submitted by rgbecker
rgbecker writes: Another proof that P=NP this time via a polynomial optimization approach to integer factorization. Submitted to a reputable journal, but perhaps it is just another maybe.
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+ - Miniter of Justice hacked

Submitted by rgbecker
rgbecker writes: UK Minister of Justice, Jack Straw's website has been hacked and used to send out scam emails according to this BBC story. Apparently the scamsters wanted money for Straw so he could return from Africa (as they claimed he'd lost his wallet). Jokes going round suggested they got no money because people would rather he stayed in Africa.

+ - Upside down Rainbow

Submitted by bennett77
bennett77 writes: What looks like an upside-down rainbow is actually a rare atmospheric spectacle called a circumzenithal arc. According to the San Francisco Chronicle: its an unusual phenomenon caused by sunlight shining through a thin, invisible screen of tiny ice crystals high in the sky and has nothing at all to do with the rain.

Fuel Efficient Five-Gear Rocket Engine Designed 122

Posted by Zonk
from the next-they-need-to-make-a-death-ray-for-peaceful-purposes dept.
Roland Piquepaille writes "Georgia Tech researchers have had a brilliant idea. Rocket engines used today to launch satellites run at maximum exhaust velocity until they reach orbit. For a car, this would be analog to stay all the time in first gear. So they have designed a new space rocket which works as it has a five-gear transmission system. This rocket engine uses 40 percent less fuel than current ones by running on solar power while in space and by fine-tuning exhaust velocity. But as it was designed with funds from the U.S. Air Force, military applications will be ready before civilian ones. Here is how this new rocket engine works."

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