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Comment: Safety finish line (Score 1) 702

by rfrenzob (#47398981) Attached to: TSA Prohibits Taking Discharged Electronic Devices Onto Planes

Can we please jump to the safety finish line?

No materials other than your ID, boarding pass, and a single credit card may be carried past security. Period.
No luggage may be checked.
All passengers must discard all clothing at security and travel in TSA approved hospital gowns. New clothing may be purchased outside the secure area at your destination.

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Submitted by mugnyte
mugnyte (203225) writes "With Slashdot's recent restyled "BETA" slowly rolled to most users, there's been a lot of griping about the changes. This is nothing new, as past style changes have had similar effects. However, this pass there are significant usability changes: A narrower read pane, limited moderation filtering, and several color/size/font adjustments. BETA implies not yet complete, so taking that cue — please list your specific, detailed opinoins, one per comment, and let's use the best part of slashdot (the moderation system) to raise the attention to these. Change can be jarring, but let's focus on the true usability differences with the new style."
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Comment: Breaking news: NSA not monitoring (Score 1) 293

Why does it seem like the news stories will soon turn to what the NSA is not monitoring.

The Guardian is reporting that the NSA is not tracking the sales of bread at the grocery store on the corner of 5th and Main. Sources can confirm that other products in the store such as green beans, apricots, and chocolate syrup are being actively monitored.

Comment: Fall guy (Score 2) 177

by rfrenzob (#44923151) Attached to: NSA Posts Opening For "Civil Liberties & Privacy Officer"

Wanted: Someone to take the public's wrath and the shocked outrage of Congress the next time there is a scandal.

By accepting this position, you acknowledge and accept that you will be terminated during or immediately after the required investigation during the next scandal.

Benefits include full medical, dental, vision, 5 weeks a year vacation.

Comment: Re:This is nothing more than a declaration of inte (Score 1) 817

by rfrenzob (#41763261) Attached to: Texas Attorney General Warns International Election Observers

Don't forget about that civil war that is coming if Obama wins.

Can we just skip ahead to the magical point in the future where the recounts are done, the lawsuits are complete, and the insanity around the election dies down so we return to life as usual?

Comment: Re:In the US? Not so much... (Score 1) 632

by rfrenzob (#41584011) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Were You Taught About Computers In High School?

In the early 90's, we were taught such gems as this is is a monitor not a TV, you cannot change the channel with this remote and the cable should come out of the top of the mouse. We also learned minesweeper and the solitaire games that came with Win95.

There was a small group of "nerds" that formed and shared what they had picked up by studying on their own.

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