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Comment: A shame... (Score 1) 718

by rfelsburg (#32962570) Attached to: Windows vs. Ubuntu — Dell's Verdict
It really is a shame that dell had to direct new users towards the windows side, when in actuality labeling Ubuntu as perfect for 'new users' is more accurate. Since they are exactly the people that should be trying Ubuntu. They aren't used to windows already, and likely haven't developed any prejudices towards one piece of software or another, so OpenOffice and CrossoverOffice are just as good as Microsoft Office.

Comment: Re:who lived with who (Score 1) 417

by rfelsburg (#32927572) Attached to: Girl Seeks Help On Facebook During Assault
I read the article, hence the quote from the article. Why would the mother pick up the daughter from their own house, and not simply call the cops, or boot the guy out. If it was the mother's house I would assume, she would just call the cops to come get the guy. This is also why I stated that it implies TO ME. It was a simple question, that I was curious about the wording in the article.

Comment: Re:who lived with who (Score 1) 417

by rfelsburg (#32927442) Attached to: Girl Seeks Help On Facebook During Assault
What are you talking about? I was merely asking why the girl would need to be 'picked up by her mom' if she was at her own house. The wording implies she was not at her house, it has no bearing on the guy raping her, or the fact that this is an atrocious act. I was asking whether there were some details that were not being disclosed. Simple, not that hard to grasp.

Comment: Re:wait, this is slashdot (Score 2) 417

by rfelsburg (#32927248) Attached to: Girl Seeks Help On Facebook During Assault

In my mind pedophiles deserve lifetime prison sentences with no possibility of a parole. This guy deserves a couple decades in jail for sure, but it's really not pedophilia.

Are you implying rape of a minor doesn't deserve life in prison without parole, or even rape in itself. In my book they are both equal, and very much deserve the same punishment.


+ - Nmap cripples a whole corporate network->

Submitted by rfelsburg
rfelsburg (1237090) writes "An nmap scan with certain parameters is apparently sufficient to temporarily cripple a whole corporate network. On the Full Disclosure mailing list, a network admin reported that he used the following command to establish the SNMP versions of his routers and servers:

nmap -sU -sV -p 161-162 -iL target_file.txt

where target_file.txt contained his systems' IP addresses. However, the scan caused most of his network devices to crash and reboot, including several Cisco routers. There were very varied responses to his question on the list whether this problem was caused by a DoS vulnerability within the devices or by a flawed configuration."

Link to Original Source

"If you own a machine, you are in turn owned by it, and spend your time serving it..." -- Marion Zimmer Bradley, _The Forbidden Tower_