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Comment Re:But its all OK (Score 1) 82

Someone says "I'ts terrible the way that Muslims keep sex slaves and kill non believers". Someone else says .... "ah but Christians in the time of the crusades did the same, so you can't say its terrible or you are a hypocritical islamaphobe".

If you're a christian condemning another entire religion for terroristic acts of a fractional percentage of its followers in the name of their faith, that doesn't necessarily make you an islamaphobe, but it does make you a hypocrite. And it's not just "in the time of the crusades", there's been plenty of christian themed atrocities in modern times as well...

Submission + - US Proposes Tighter Export Rules for Computer Security Tools

itwbennett writes: The U.S. Commerce Department has proposed tighter export rules for computer security tools and could prohibit the export of penetration testing tools without a license. The proposal would modify rules added to the Wassenaar Arrangement in 2013 that limit the export of technologies related to intrusion and traffic inspection. The definition of intrusion software would also encompass 'proprietary research on the vulnerabilities and exploitation of computers and network-capable devices,' the proposal said.

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