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+ - US Proposes Tighter Export Rules for Computer Security Tools->

itwbennett writes: The U.S. Commerce Department has proposed tighter export rules for computer security tools and could prohibit the export of penetration testing tools without a license. The proposal would modify rules added to the Wassenaar Arrangement in 2013 that limit the export of technologies related to intrusion and traffic inspection. The definition of intrusion software would also encompass 'proprietary research on the vulnerabilities and exploitation of computers and network-capable devices,' the proposal said.
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Comment: Re: Privacy? (Score 1) 776 776

Oh look, Godwin rears his head again... Not to disagree with your overall point, but the Nazis did not actually ban smoking. They were vehemently against it, and put out many antismoking propaganda blitzes, but the only ban they instituted was on trams, buses and city trains...

Comment: Re: Actually, this varies by state... (Score 1) 629 629

In Florida, the school administrator takes the role of parent, without even bothering to notify the actual parent. My son got busted with a bag of weed at school (dumbass), and the first I heard of it was a phone call from the principal saying "your kid is on his way to jail, you should probably head over there and see if you can bail him out". Of course, I left his ass in there until I finished with work, headed home, ate dinner, chilled with the wife for a bit... finally got him around midnight. If it'd been me, and my dad in the same scenario, I'd hadn't been out of school for a week while he let me cool my heels in there.

Comment: Re:Fuck Evangelical Christians (Score 1) 461 461

Oh look everyone! It's False Equivalency Man!! These two situations have nothing in common. One involves a rich guy donating money to a political cause that suppresses the rights of others. The other is a bunch of women just trying to earn a living using one of the options available to them. The strippers don't have an axe to grind, and just want to do their jobs without being harassed by stiff penised evangelicals (outside of work anyway)

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