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Comment: Re:Unicomp (Score 1) 304

by rewindustry (#48094779) Attached to: The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made

i break model Ms regularly. the pins inside the case cannot take a great deal of lateral shock - the plastic feels nice, but it's not very strong, and it degrades.

unicomps do not feel quite as nice, i admit, but the important bits are there, and i can type without killing myself on it, and as far as i can tell it's a better plastic, as in more flexible, better impact resistance, less likely to degrade.

unfortunately only time will tell...

Comment: would the "is fixed because i use something else" (Score 1) 399

by rewindustry (#47985845) Attached to: Remote Exploit Vulnerability Found In Bash

clowns please pipe down.

this seems a simple error to actually fix, so why is everybody fapping off about this thing, and not fixing it?

or did i miss the patch?

i'm actually hoping for a reply here, sorry if i missed the meeting, otherwise will be applying my own patch, very quickly.

i rely on bash and it's isms, it's a good thing, and ought to be more of a standard.

Comment: what about canada? (Score 1) 200

has anyone an opinion how canada is showing in this matter? last time i looked we came dead last, behind the benighted states even, and as far as i know we are currently not co-operating at all. i've been watching for mention of canada in the "international" media (slashdot foremost of these) and so far have seen nothing, except we may have managed to kill off rob ford, at last. is anyone able to correct this impression?

Comment: Re:Most documentaries suck (Score 2) 103

generally it has been my impression that most of the original bbc documentary work has been quite reasonable...

to the contrary, although it's subtle, the same documentaries as reworked by discovery (tm), history (tm), etc, on this side of the "pond" are somehow not quite as satisfying..

anyone else have a similar impression?

i admit i've not wasted much time on the american feeds, am really only commenting based on the bits i've had to watch on other people's screens.

Comment: fight, fight, fight... (Score 1) 398

if it's that easy to bypass throttling, then have at it, i say - the more the better.

there has to come a point when derision and cronies will be forced to admit they have been raping yet another dead horse.

when dealing with bullies it pays to be light on your feet, i find.

Comment: is RTFA the correct reply? (Score 2) 89

by rewindustry (#47251589) Attached to: Help Crowd-FOIA Stingray Usage Across America

quote[ A stingray is a controversial[1] electronic surveillance device for remotely capturing data from mobile telephones.[2] It is designed to mimic a cell tower so all the mobile phones in the area communicate with it and provide information, including location data. This can be done even when the phone is not being used to make a call.[2][3] Critics have called the use of the devices by government agencies warrantless cell phone tracking, as they have frequently been used without informing the court system or obtaining a warrant.[1] The Electronic Frontier Foundation has called the devices “an unconstitutional, all-you-can-eat data buffet.”[4] A stingray can be carried by hand or mounted on a vehicle, such as an unmanned aerial vehicle.[3] The devices are also referred to as “cell site simulators” and “IMSI catchers.” ]

from the wiki, first link in the article.

Comment: Re:seems you missed the point of C (Score 1) 466

by rewindustry (#47250647) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Rapid Development Language To Learn Today?

you seem to have missed my point - C is excellent for abstraction if you have taken the time - as i have - to build your own library of such.

these are skilled hands - read the article - the man is a C professional already, looking for alternatives.

what happens if everbody follows your advice?

who will maintain the C code that *inevitably* lies beneath all "higher" level languages?

i realise i'm soapboxing here, but as one on whom the burden of that maintenance has fallen, and surrounded as i am by script kids who take garbage collection for granted, eat memory like it was candy, and stuff buffers as if they were infinite, i am more than a little afraid of what the future will bring.

there is no such thing as a free lunch, and this includes the highler level coding languages - robert a heinlein (not necessarily the heinlein)

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