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Comment still don't like adobe (Score 1) 249

can't see inside it, and i can't find an open source interpreter that works, so i'm deaf as well as blind.

i'm aware windows and macs are vectors also - there is never any security in obscurity, no matter how clever you think you are..

to date linux, without adobe flash, or any other proprietary driver, has served me perfectly well, without any form of virus 'protection', for decades.

i'm aware the community gets hit, sometimes, but it hasn't reached me yet.

perhaps my browsing is somehow more prescient than most?

or maybe i just got lucky.

i remain convinced that the sooner flash is replaced, or forced open, the better for all.

and pdf too, ack thpfft.

Comment is the problem not ADOBE FLASH? (Score 2) 249

please forgive my ignorance, if my prejudice is in any way misguided, but i am under the impression that the attack vector, in actual fact, is flash, as i cannot see how a simple image, or even a "normal" video, could possibly compromise a target machine, whereas i understand adobe is full of holes, deliberate or otherwise.

or, to put it another way, i've never seen a machine compromised, to date, after wiping adobe (hack, spit) from the system.

while i'm at it - am i correct to believe the company was actually responsible for jailing a man, a foreign national, without charges, for well over a year, in direct response to his having exposed the insecurity of an adobe "security" mechanism?

Comment are we there yet? (Score 1) 75

can anyone indicate that we're dealing with this shit, yet?

it's as important as the environment and climate, files under both, really...

aside from the obvious solution of turning them all into confetti deliberately, to make an umbrella, should we fail to fix the warming problem sensibly...

is there anything practical being done, to limit the amount of crap we send up?

Comment laser driven models (Score 1) 120

this has been demonstrated (on bang goes the theory, for eg, i don't have the link) to work using scale models, where a strobed laser pulse is used to turn air to plasma inside a simple parabolic reflector, to direct the explosion downward.

perhaps a combination of the two, begining with laser/air, and phasing toward h2/uwave?

Comment thank you for the news (Score 0) 109

i wish i still had mod points, i would vote this the most important news of the decade.

amongst other items, i do admit..

also desperately need the words to "eighty three blues", as written/performed by milo, as my cover arrangement is proving quite popular.

please be well, bb, sir, and thank you very much indeed for doing what you do so well.

Comment Re:wow, that's low (Score 1) 2

please confirm what you are trying to say here.

are you saying that DICE will interpret "leaving in disgust" as clear disapproval of DICE junk habits, and will NOT, in future, add contraband to these projects?

please say this is true.

now say "DICE will not adulterate abandoned projects, ever, unless given EXPLICIT PERMISSION to so".

thank you, have a nice day.

Submission + - Sourceforge Hijacks the Nmap Sourceforge Account-> 2

vivaoporto writes: Gordon Lyon (better known as Fyodor, author of nmap and maintainer of the internet security resource sites insecure.org, nmap.org, seclists.org, and sectools.org) warns on the nmap development mailing list that the Sourceforge Nmap account was hijacked from him.

According to him the old Nmap project page (located at http://sourceforge.net/projects/nmap/, screenshot) was changed to a blank page and its contents were moved to a new page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/nmap.mirror/, screenshot) which controlled by sf-editor1 and sf-editor3, in pattern mirroring the much discussed the takeover of GIMP-Win page discussed last week on Ars Technica, IT World and eventually this week Slashdot.

That happens after Sourceforge promises to stop "presenting third party offers for unmaintained SourceForge projects. At this time, we present third party offers only with a few projects where it is explicitly approved by the project developer, or if the project is already bundling third party offers."

To their credit Fyodor states that "So far they seem to be providing just the official Nmap files (as long as you don't click on the fake download buttons) and we haven't caught them trojaning Nmap the way they did with GIMP" but reiterates "that you should only download Nmap from our official SSL Nmap site: https://nmap.org/download.html"

Link to Original Source

Submission + - PayPal will robo-text/call you with no opt-out starting July 1->

OutOnARock writes: When eBay cuts PayPal loose this summer, users of the new digital money giant will find they've agreed to new terms of service that take effect July 1. Those terms include PayPal giving itself the right to robocall or robo-text members at any phone number the firm can find, for just about any reason — from debt collecting to advertisements to opinion polling.

The fine print also says PayPal can pass along the same rights to its affiliates. Here's the language, in black and white, from the company's website:

You consent to receive autodialed or prerecorded calls and text messages from PayPal at any telephone number that you have provided us or that we have otherwise obtained . . . . (PayPal) may share your phone numbers with our Affiliates or with our service providers, such as billing or collections companies, who we have contracted with to assist us in pursuing our rights.

If I can only use PayPal on eBay, it'll probably mean an end of eBay for me, what about you?

Link to Original Source

Comment let us see what the post NEXT? (Score 1) 384

i have to admit i know nothing of the people behind ./ and have really only been reading for the news and the chance to yell back at the boxen, occasionally.

this has drawn me in, i expect i will regret that it did.

hello sk, i think i'm sorry i yelled at you below, but i also expect you've been prepared to duck since you hit submit.

i learned today that firehose is where the news is, and am now in search of an rss for this, as opposed to the one that shows up bonostyle in my feed reader.

i think i learned also that (a) this is not too common an occurance around here and (b) there exist a way for people to complain about, when it happens.

i think that's ok so far.

all that remains is to see what slashdot have to say when they report on themselves, as they say they will.

in the meantime - thanks for all the fish and that?

Comment enjoying the ill-gotten gains, were you? (Score 0) 384

or not - please feel free to correct me.

when you finally wake up from your party, please also explain why you picked the submission that managed to down play the fact that your parent overlords are wrapping GIMP - our DEARLY BELOVED GIMP - in.. i can't find the words to describe the insult... deep breath..

you FAIL.

none of us is convinced.

what soul?

** answer me, damn you **

i don't mind being wrong about this - correct me.

i also love slashdot.

i do NOT like this.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.