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Comment: my share must remain in the ground (Score 1) 203

by rewindustry (#48431717) Attached to: Harvard Students Move Fossil Fuel Stock Fight To Court

i gave up burning fossil fuels (to every extent possible) well over a decade ago.

you/they have collectively burned far more than your fair share already.

my share - the oil i am not burning - stays in the ground, and this should be law.

haha, and also god is alive and well, and working on a much less ambitious project.

Comment: binary logs?? (Score 1) 581

by rewindustry (#48419121) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility

you cut all the tall trees down
you poisoned the sky and the sea
you've taken what's good from the ground...

(midnight oil)

and now this.

it's the end of the world
as we know it.


it's like climate change - either we get smart, or we get wiped out - debian, clearly, are not getting smart.

fork it.

Comment: Re:Unicomp (Score 1) 304

by rewindustry (#48094779) Attached to: The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made

i break model Ms regularly. the pins inside the case cannot take a great deal of lateral shock - the plastic feels nice, but it's not very strong, and it degrades.

unicomps do not feel quite as nice, i admit, but the important bits are there, and i can type without killing myself on it, and as far as i can tell it's a better plastic, as in more flexible, better impact resistance, less likely to degrade.

unfortunately only time will tell...

Comment: would the "is fixed because i use something else" (Score 1) 399

by rewindustry (#47985845) Attached to: Remote Exploit Vulnerability Found In Bash

clowns please pipe down.

this seems a simple error to actually fix, so why is everybody fapping off about this thing, and not fixing it?

or did i miss the patch?

i'm actually hoping for a reply here, sorry if i missed the meeting, otherwise will be applying my own patch, very quickly.

i rely on bash and it's isms, it's a good thing, and ought to be more of a standard.

Comment: what about canada? (Score 1) 200

has anyone an opinion how canada is showing in this matter? last time i looked we came dead last, behind the benighted states even, and as far as i know we are currently not co-operating at all. i've been watching for mention of canada in the "international" media (slashdot foremost of these) and so far have seen nothing, except we may have managed to kill off rob ford, at last. is anyone able to correct this impression?

Comment: Re:Most documentaries suck (Score 2) 103

generally it has been my impression that most of the original bbc documentary work has been quite reasonable...

to the contrary, although it's subtle, the same documentaries as reworked by discovery (tm), history (tm), etc, on this side of the "pond" are somehow not quite as satisfying..

anyone else have a similar impression?

i admit i've not wasted much time on the american feeds, am really only commenting based on the bits i've had to watch on other people's screens.

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