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Comment: Is the God delusion counter-productive? (Score 1) 1142

by revelation60 (#41695633) Attached to: Ask Richard Dawkins About Evolution, Religion, and Science Education
Although I really love your books, I was an atheist already when I read them. I can image that due to the sometimes harsh and confrontational arguments of, for example The God Delusion, believers are antagonized, leading them to not be receptive to the arguments anymore. That's why I don't see this book as a deconversion book. Hence my question: Are you going to write a book that is targeted at deconverting believers by convincing them with subtlety?

Comment: Re:More bias from women than from men, against wom (Score 1) 467

by revelation60 (#41497511) Attached to: Sexism In Science
And this is the point where feminists shoot themselves in the foot. On the one hand they say women are smart and independent, but they can't show that because they are oppressed by men. Then they say that women adapt partiarchy without thinking about the consequences, thus portraying themselves as willingly mindless robots controlled by men. Well, which one is it? Feminism is in this regard extremely sexist against women.

Comment: Organic food contains pesticides as well (Score 2) 497

by revelation60 (#41279829) Attached to: Scientists Say Organic Food May Not Be Healthier For You
It is total nonsense that most organic food doesn't contain pesticides (read They are simply necessary to maintain a large crop field. In fact, the chemicals they use have an increased risk to be harmful for YOU because they are not modified by humans. Our modications have made pestidices more specific to certain organisms, which means they impose less of a risk to other organisms. See this excellent Penn and Teller's Bullshit episode about organic food:

Comment: Re:Beyond the Higgs Boson? (Score 2) 226

by revelation60 (#40518435) Attached to: CERN Announcing New LHC Results July 4th
Good question. The particles that will probably be searched for next are light supersymmetric particles. They have a very high energy scale however, so it will take a long time to build and consequently it will take a while to verify if susy is correct (especially because a lot of parameters can be tweaked to increase the mass of the new particles). These particles however, are not elements that form any of the particles in the standard model, they are simply additions.

+ - House of Commons could force social networks to identify internet trolls->

Submitted by concertina226
concertina226 writes: Websites such as Facebook and Twitter could be forced to unmask so-called internet trolls, under new government proposals in the Defamation Bill.

The move comes after a British woman won a landmark case to force Facebook to reveal the identities of internet trolls. On 30 May, Nicola Brookes from Brighton was granted a High Court order after receiving “vicious and depraved” taunts on Facebook.

The bill, which is being debated in the House of Commons today, will allow victims of online abuse to discover the identity of their persecutors and bring a case against them. The move also aims to protect websites from threats of litigation for inadvertently displaying defamatory comments.

“As the law stands, individuals can be the subject of scurrilous rumour and allegation on the web with little meaningful remedy against the person responsible,” said Justice Secretary Ken Clarke.

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