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since Dotcom has extradition preceding against him he is is a fugitive

A fugitive is someone on the run from justice, not someone willingly submitting to standard extradition protocol under an extant treaty.

Man, arguments would be so much easier if I were willing to just make up definitions to suit my purposes, like you. Oh well.

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Comment: Re:Short answer ... (Score 1) 163

No, they really didn't... no legal grounds anyway...

Of course, war isn't about law, no matter how much people like to say it is... The reality is that the winners decide what happens, no more or less...

Those are insightful comments. Some German and Japanese war criminals were tried, but no one from either side was tried for using systematic rape of as a weapon of war, though it was used on all sides.

All sides.

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He is following extradition procedure under the extradition treaty established between the US and New Zealand. The DoJ is claiming that following a treaty that the US government itself established is criminal. They might as well bring up the NZ courts for aiding a fugitive, since the NZ courts are processing the extradition request.

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They claim MegaUpload rewarded uses for uploading specific copyrighted content. Supposedly they also have internal emails to that effect. They probably would have got him already except for the NZ police conducting an illegally overzealous raid on Dotcom's estate, followed by the scandalous behavior of the US DoJ and NZ police, which drew a lot of ire from the NZ public (and prime minister IIRC).

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by reve_etrange (#48424785) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

Whilst it is an appropriate use of a nuclear power plant, I'm sure the mass of a nuclear powered probe would have increased the costs and complexity of the launch and landing whilst decreasing the science payload.

It's not a "nuclear power plant," it's a radioisotope thermal generator (RTG). For this particular mission, a RTG would have had a very similar mass to the solar power system used (12 kg for the solar power system, ~12 kg for a 20-30W RTG).

Had a nuclear plant been installed the probe would have had a guaranteed end of life, where as the panels afford the craft the possibility of functioning indefinitely.

The probe will be destroyed as the comet nears the sun, within a year.

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by reve_etrange (#48424777) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

Add an RTG, which adds mass

Other considerations aside, it really would not have added appreciable mass. There are existing RTGs producing about the right amount of power (20-30W) with 12 kg masses similar to the ~12 kg mass of Philae's solar system. You can read about them on wikipedia or a bunch of informative comments in this very thread.

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