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Comment How about Chrome download suggestions? (Score 1) 151

If you're not using Chrome, searching with Google or using another Google web service results in 'pop down' advertisement claiming Chrome is faster than the browser you're currently using. Seems kinda anticompetitive to me...after all Google's search position is far more dominant than their smart phone app store position.

Comment Re:EPA standards (Score 1) 569

What the hell are you on about? All current VW diesel vehicles in the US are using urea exhaust treatment.

Uh, no they weren't. Thus VW's cheating, and this scandal.

As of this week, though, current VW diesel vehicles use urea the others are have been banned from sales.

Comment Re:Well, I tell you what *I* think about it (Score 2) 125

This AC parent deserves to be modded up. Wikipedia should cite the best sources possible, but closed access is bad. As a working scientist, I have been frustrated by unavailable publications countless times, and have suffered weeks of delays waiting for ILL to come through.

On balance, I'm not sure if this Elsevier deal is bad or good. Propagating closed access is undesirable, but if Wikipedia ends up citing more reliable sources (i.e. lots of past research published in those journals) that editors would otherwise be unable to access it's hard to see that as bad. It's especially useful for editors to verify the content of papers which are being cited by others...

Comment Re:Like Tomato? (Score 1) 242

Actually they are really proposing to ban third party software (Google cache of FCC page for "594280 D02 U-NII Device Security v01r02 - FCC"). For some reason the FCC page itself is redirecting me.

Describe in detail how the device is protected from “flashing” and the installation of third-party firmware such as DD-WRT.

Comment Re:Chronically Stupid Parents (Score 1) 588

A good friend feels this way. He is convinced that my house, which has as much technology as a linux user's house really should, is choked with rays (his words).

To be fair, the rays are everywhere. They're not interacting with his body, but they are there.

He's also convinced that chemtrails are real and that cancer is caused by a virus and that the black part of the gov't controls both.

Again, to be fair, a bunch of specific cancer types are caused by viruses. Cervical cancer and HPV for instance.

He's not making things up from whole cloth, but spinning partly understood fragments of truth into a delusional tapestry.

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