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Comment: Mars and Venus are warnings (Score 1) 137 137

Just think, both of those planets someday could have been very similar to our Earth.

They are our sister planets, each expressing an ultimate degree to which things can go, and with what we've been discovering recently, remarkably little 'input'.

Comment: Re:Why would anyone want to ride out the apocalyps (Score 1) 150 150

Vaporization in a nuclear blast? Not a bad way out. Instantaneous and blink it's over.

Death by starvation or some fucking infection or some bullshit in a desolate world forced to fight mortally for cans of beans? No thanks, prefer the former. So, please, vaporization thanks. Even a bio/freak-virus attack which kills in a day or two time would suffice.

Comment: Why would anyone want to ride out the apocalypse? (Score 2) 150 150

Never could understand that. If the Apocalypse is coming, let me and my family be its first victims. A good clean death would be much preferable to a pathetic existence on the brink of starvation in a devastated world.

Comment: Switching tasks changes MY DNA. (Score 4, Interesting) 82 82

Totally feel the bees on that.

Whenever I need to completely switch gears from one project to the next (like going from Drupal into Zend Framework), I will require at least two weeks of downtime (although I would never dare admit to it to my manager). It's unavoidable. It's like my brain is jammed between channels and no matter how much I beat the horse, it will be this way while my neurons rearrange themselves. Then, one sunny day, bing it's all realigned and reprogrammed and I'm off to the productive races.

Wish there were medical-creative downtime available....

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