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Comment Re:Summary lesson: Physical access trumps all. (Score 2) 73

The whole point of full disk encryption is to protect against someone who has physical access to the disk. In case it gets stolen, thrown in the trash, or sold. It does nothing against remote attacks.

Now my understanding is that the advantage self-encrypting disks is that you don't have the overhead incurred by software encryption.

Comment Re:Sounds like good grounds for an appeal, (Score 1) 82

I think the prosecution in this case could request an upward departure from the sentencing guidelines because the pending charges mean that his criminal record inadequately shows the seriousness of his past behavior. What I'm saying is that there are rules and formulas that the judge is supposed to follow.

Comment Re:Sounds like good grounds for an appeal, (Score 1) 82

There are federal sentencing guidelines. There are criteria for things like past offenses, cooperation with the investigation, among other things. The judge is not bound to strictly follow them, but if the judge just hands out maximum sentences with little explanation, that could be grounds for an appellate court to reduce the sentence. Also, I am not a lawyer either.

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