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Comment Re:Wordplay (Score 1) 164 164

There are many hard problems here. Today's search engines get keywords and return websites that are sorted by relevance. Watson will need to figure out what the question (well, answer) is, and then retrieve a single precise question. This is really pushing computing to a new level.

Beating Kasparov was nice, but this is much more difficult.

Comment Re:So what's the word, people. (Score 1) 390 390

They are able to work and vote without restriction. That is not true of Christian and Muslim Arabs, living in Israel.

I bet you didn't know that you're incredibly wrong. Any Israeli citizen can vote, regardless of religion. There are currently 14 Muslim members in the Israeli parliament. Muslims study freely in Israeli universities and work in Israeli companies. The same is obviously not true for Jews in most Muslim countries.

Comment Re:Is there any advantage for EXT 4? (Score 1) 157 157

The problem isn't ext4 - it's an ext4 flag that gives you better data reliability in case of a power failure. If you're willing to risk it (or have a good UPS), you can change the flag and get all that performance back.

I also have to say that for a site that does so much benchmarking, phoronix is incredibly unprofessional. How about error bars on those bar graphs? Are caches cleared before each benchmark? Etc.

Comment Re:Does XEN have a future? (Score 2, Informative) 88 88

They're both Linux only at this point, and Xen effectively runs a forked version of Linux because it isn't, and won't be, upstream.

This is false. You can actually run various BSDs under Xen, and you can run Windows too.

I believe he meant that the hypervisor itself is a forked version of Linux. Sure, you can run any guest OS you want on both Xen and KVM.

Comment Re:Do i need Erlang? (Score 1) 123 123

Yea but properly use them? Today, the OS uses the cores in a pretty stupid way, and you end up with data structures being shared by cores, and so you need to lock them (expensive) and copy data between cores (expensive).

Once the operating systems handle them well, and application programmers are more aware of these issues, things will be much better in multi-core-land.


Wine Project Frustration and Forking 470 470

Elektroschock writes "Wine attempts to implement the Windows API layer on Linux. There are some limitations and an important one is the missing DIB engine, bug 421. Chris Howe comprehends the dissatisfaction of core developers with the arbitrary project governance: 'Sorry to sound like a stuck record but the Wine website still lists "write a DIB engine" as a requirement, and every time someone does, the patches disappear down a hole because they're "not right." Someone document what "would be right," or take "write a DIB engine" off the list. I'd love to have a go at documenting it myself, but I don't have the time to reverse engineer it from a few years' worth of rejected solutions.' The latest attempt of Massimo Del Fedel satisfied all requirements set previously for the long standing bug 421, and his optional engine seems to work fine by all Wine quality standards. He seems to be extraordinary stubborn and insusceptible to mobbing. Usually it is extremely frustrating for developers when the goalpost is constantly moved. When is the right time for project members to fork when their chief maintainer does not respond anymore or pursues an adverse commercial agenda?"

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