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Comment: Re:Owned (Score 1) 540

by resequenced (#21908158) Attached to: HD Monitor Causes DRM Issues with Netflix
It's a free add-in to their service. For every buck per month you spend you get an hour of streaming. It may not be cheap, but since their standard mail service is already worth the money I spend, the Watch Now is a pleasant bonus.

Unless you're on the $8.99/mo. plan, in which case you only seem to get two (2) hours per month of streaming. I still haven't quite worked out the math they used to figure that one out, when their own F.A.Q.s and help pages state exactly what is commented above.

Also, the last time I checked, the service is not usable outside of a Windows system. At least, I haven't fiddled about enough since getting my new MacPro to see if it can be worked around.

Google and eBay Partner for Click-to-Call Ads 63

Posted by Zonk
from the please-don't-use-the-term-ehoo dept.
bart_scriv writes "A new joint venture between Google and Ebay will expand the advertising reach of both companies and integrate free phone service with web ads. The partnership also puts rumors of a Yahoo/eBay merger to rest. From the article: 'A deal announced Aug. 28 by eBay and Google now appears to put the kibosh on the notion of an "ehoo" or "Ybay" to challenge Google. Instead, eBay signed up Google to provide Web search advertising outside the U.S. And the pair will cooperate on developing so-called click-to-call ads — which let potential buyers click on a link and talk directly to sellers or their call centers — throughout the world. Tests of the ads in the multiyear agreement will begin in early 2007, though neither side revealed specific terms.'"

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