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+ - Microsoft Kickstarts Windows Insider Program

SmartAboutThings writes: Microsoft wants to make sure that it doesn't screw up with the next operating system as it has done with Windows 8. That's why the company has opened the Windows Insider Program for early testers of the upcoming Windows 10 version. Those who will sign up will l get all the latest Windows preview builds as soon as they’re available.

Microsoft will provide members of the program with an app to give feedback, so that Microsoft could know if the system works as intended or it still needs to be tweaked.

Comment: Re:Agreeing with Gov? (Score 1) 419 419

No this is a completely different situation. Microsoft is not being asked for their own company's data; they are being asked for someone else's data, which is hosted by a foreign company on foreign soil (though MS USA is the owner of MS Ireland). Also as they are asking for emails, they are not asking for the container, but for them to search and disseminate the contents of said container.

This would be more like a US court asking as US owner of a building in a foreign country which was rented by a foreign bank, to go in and open one of the bank's safe deposit boxes and search through it, find some items and ship them back to the US without the bank or the owner of the deposit box's permission.

Comment: Re:OCR (Score 1) 149 149

I like the part where they are magically going to make OCR work via the camera on a cellphone.

Windows Phone already does that though, you hit the search button, choose eye, point it at something, choose scan text, it highlights all the text at which point you can either choose copy, search, or translate. If you translate it will overlay the translated text on the image in your chosen language.

+ - Is Microsoft planning a Freelancer MMO reboot?

An anonymous reader writes: An apparently internal early-days video of a stress test of a not-yet-seen space MMO called "Age of Ascent". Whilst I've never heard of the company making the game, what's interesting is that a google search shows a (now pulled) page titled "Welcome to the Microsoft Internal Beta", and mentions a "world record attempt".

The guy in the video says "6 million messages per second at 1% capacity" at one point, there are "Powered by Windows Azure" logos everywhere, and the twitter feed (visible at the end of the clip) is still up, reading 5,000 concurrent players. In realtime. And with direct piloting.

Anyone know anything?

Comment: Re:Oh (Score 1) 474 474

Didn't Apple Computer, Inc only start making PCs in 2006? Before that they were making PowerPC based computers and prior to 1995 Motorola based computers. With the general definition of the PC market being something you can install Windows/DOS on or WinTel compatible; the IBM compatible bit being dropped some time ago. Though Apple Computer, Inc ceased to exist in 2007 when it became Apple Inc.

Comment: Re:Dear Nvidia... (Score 1) 111 111

That's a trap. The mobo comes with integrated intel, yes. But in most cases the end user also has a discrete card. You can guess which one is actually used.

Depends if its WebGL in a browser nvidia locks you to intel: Option to select the preferred graphics processor is greyed out for IE, Chrome, and Firefox. and

Comment: Re:Meh (Score 1) 398 398

having the start button actually does help in one use case, having a windows rdp session. Ever try to remote manage a windows 2012 server via remote desktop without being full screen? It is f-ing hard trying to hit the start corner. I'm happy that they added the start button back even if it only launches the start screen instead of old style menu.

Click application icon top right of the window (the one that gives you drop down of move, restore, close etc)

Then choose Remote Commands, this gives you the options;

  • App Commands
  • Charms
  • Switch Apps
  • Start

Bottom one is what you want.

+ - Apple iPhone 5S TouchID broken->

hypnosec writes: Chaos Computer Club has claimed that they have managed to break Apple's TouchID using everyday material and methods available on the web. Explaining their method on their website, the CCC hackers have claimed that all they did was photograph a fingerprint from a glass surface, ramped up the resolution of the photographed fingerprint, inverted and printed it using thick toner settings, smeared pink latex milk or white woodglue onto the pattern, lifted the latex sheet, moistened it a little and then placed it on the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone.
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