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+ - Kodak Will Launch Kodak Android Smartphone And Tablets at CES->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: brightverge.com: After Kodak almost broke in 2012 but now Kodak will launch Kodak android smartphone and tablets at CES, because the company was looking for ways to stay afloat. According to the high officials from Kodak that it is partnering with the Bullitt Group to reveal a new range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, at a CES event in January-2015.
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+ - Are Ouya circling the drain?->

Submitted by rephlex
rephlex writes: For over a week now the Ouya console has been unavailable for online purchase from Amazon, Target, GameStop and Ouya's own store. Target appear to have only a very limited number of Ouyas remaining in stock at some of their stores. Ouya's CEO Julie Uhrman has not yet publicly commented on this ongoing lack of availability. Some have speculated this is an indication that the arrival of the next-generation Ouya is imminent, although with the apparently lacklustre sales to date of both their hardware and software and the resulting questionable financial state of Ouya this appears unlikely.
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Comment: Re:is the USB 'bug' fixed, at this point? (Score 1) 77

No, they haven't completely resolved the multiple bugs with USB on the Raspberry Pi and I don't expect they ever will. Some of them seem to be completely unsolvable in software..

Incidentally, they've just started a beta test of the latest round of USB fixes: http://www.raspberrypi.org/php...

Comment: Re:Raspberry PI USB Power Issues (Score 1) 246

by rephlex (#45451297) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Hits the 2 Million Mark

Nope, doesn't help. Hot-plugging a USB device on a Raspberry Pi without USB polyfuses (which are only present on the first version of the Pi) can cause the Pi to reset or crash. I tried putting this infomation on the Raspberry Pi page on Wikipedia but it was reverted, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Raspberry_Pi&diff=559064643&oldid=559049166

Comment: Re:Tegra 5 is already obsolete (Score 2) 45

by rephlex (#45154899) Attached to: NVIDIA Demos "Digital Ira" With Faceworks On Next-Gen SoC, Under Ubuntu

Tegra 5 gives Nvidia the chance to demonstrate their new ARM strategy of fusing 64-bit ARM cores (ARMv8 - desktop class) with PC-class AAA GPU cores

Tegra 5 uses ARM's A15-Cortex 32-bit ARMv7 core. Tegra 6 will be Nvidia's first SoC to use their custom designed 64-bit ARMv8 core.

Comment: Re:Open Console (Score 1) 305

by rephlex (#43458441) Attached to: Ouya Performance Not Particularly Exciting

This simply isn't true. XBMC on the Raspberry Pi is actually a rather poor experience. The Ouya is reputed to be powerful enough to decode H.264 in at least 1080p24 (using the ARM CPUs NEON instructions on all four of its cores) if need be, i.e. no video decode hardware acceleration necessary This ability might come in handy with some non-standard H.264 content that the Pi can't play.

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