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Comment I will stop using adblockers only when (Score 1) 618

I will stop using adblockers only when malware stops using ads to spread their menace
I will stop using adblockers only when they stop they quit with all the flashing, in your face ads
I will stop using adblockers only when they stop placing more ads than content on some pages/sites

I can go on but ...

IMO, is the same as removing the sales inserts in the newspapers - which I have the right to remove before reading.

Comment no different than newspaper (Score 1) 611

I will block ads and see no problems with it. I see it no different than taking the sales circulars out of the local paper and tossing before reading. I think more people, including me, would not block the ads if there were not so "in your face". Just keep them simple, and not so obtrusive and I would not block them. If they would stop with the data collecting, I would not block them. If some did not pass on malware, I would not block them.

Comment no mercy (Score 1) 1160

and did he have mercy for his victims???? hang him, use a firing squad, use a guillotine or just stone him. let the victims family chose the means of death. Hopefully it would be a long and painful death. That would be true punishment and it would be a better deterrent

Comment star trek - New Frontier (Score 1) 401

I think I would rather see the new frontier series - starting from the beginning when Mackenzie Calhoun was a warlord, how he came into starfleet, and his adventures in Sector 221-G. I rather enjoyed reading and listening this series, more so than the other star trek series.

That is not to say I will not watch the new Series :-)

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