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Comment I will stop using adblockers only when (Score 1) 618

I will stop using adblockers only when malware stops using ads to spread their menace
I will stop using adblockers only when they stop they quit with all the flashing, in your face ads
I will stop using adblockers only when they stop placing more ads than content on some pages/sites

I can go on but ...

IMO, is the same as removing the sales inserts in the newspapers - which I have the right to remove before reading.

Comment no different than newspaper (Score 1) 611

I will block ads and see no problems with it. I see it no different than taking the sales circulars out of the local paper and tossing before reading. I think more people, including me, would not block the ads if there were not so "in your face". Just keep them simple, and not so obtrusive and I would not block them. If they would stop with the data collecting, I would not block them. If some did not pass on malware, I would not block them.

Comment star trek - New Frontier (Score 1) 401

I think I would rather see the new frontier series - starting from the beginning when Mackenzie Calhoun was a warlord, how he came into starfleet, and his adventures in Sector 221-G. I rather enjoyed reading and listening this series, more so than the other star trek series.

That is not to say I will not watch the new Series :-)

Comment it's a pain (Score 1) 558

there are a few websites I want to access but cannot because their CAPTCHA is unreadable. Some of them are just way too complicated to read. I use it on my own blog but it is simple enough so you can get it the first time. It would be nice if there was some other way to prevent bots.

Comment two reasons (Score 1) 1215

1. netflix - I know there is a hack for linux but there are too many bugs with it. And I know Amazon will work with linux but have too many buffering and freezing issues them as opposed to having no problems netflix.
2. wifi adapters - too cheap to purchase two new ones that will work with linux.

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