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Journal: Choosing some new friends

Journal by rempelos

I chose some new friends today. While reading the post Egyptian Linux Advocates' Replies I was impressed how the Egyptian fellow replied to some of the questions that where hiding a slightly negative notion about Egyptian and/or Arabic culture.

In the comments of the /.ers, one thread of the discussion changed to the Israel/Palestine issue. A couple of /.ers where extremely well informed about the history and role of other countries (USA and England) that braught the two nations to the current state

I'm even more happy, because I found out that there are Americans that know and understand the crimes of their goverment, and not everybody is fooled by the US media that misrepresent the facts as much as that can be done.

The bad thing is that when the post was made I had 5 Moderation points, and I was desperately looking for something good to mod. But I read the thread a couple of days later and I had lost all 5 points. I could mod some of those comments up and some others (really naive comments) down. Pitty :(

"Never ascribe to malice that which is caused by greed and ignorance." -- Cal Keegan