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Comment: super innovative (Score 1) 3

by rejon (#36451496) Attached to: A Free and Open Replacement for Wireless LAN
This is a super innovative project! I blogged about it, it will have a subtle big impact! Its so difficult for hobbyists and small companies to get involved in hardware beyond blinking lights, robots and being a dad stuck in the garage. This is a truly innovative and patent free approach.

+ - A Free and Open Replacement for Wireless LAN-> 3

Submitted by dvdkhlng
dvdkhlng (1803364) writes "Qi-Hardware, the community that brought us the Ben NanoNote handheld computer, have just released their next piece of all-out free and open hardware: the AtBEN+AtUSB wireless dongles. Aiming for a solution that works without proprietary firmware blobs, WLAN compatability was abandoned. Instead the project went for simpler, yet more open 6LowPAN technology.

The first batch of AtBen+AtUSB dongles is now ready for shipment trough Tuxbrain. Designs and source code are available under GPL and CC licenses."

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