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Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 74 74

There are many, many wonderful desktop applications for all operating systems that are free (as in beer) and don't track the user or display advertisements. So it's not immediately obvious that "free" programs come with strings attached. I wonder why it's so different on mobile platforms; is it just easier to do tracking and ads there?

Comment: Re:KDBus - another systemd brick on the wall (Score 1) 232 232

I haven't tried this myself, but others are saying you need root to do this. If that's the case I'd say it's a serious issue if this is something that an admin would normally do; a superuser going out of his way to lock a system will find a million ways to do it.

Comment: Re:UAC is for idiots (Score 3, Insightful) 187 187

A dialog that pretty much only appears when (un)installing software is hardly obnoxious in my opinion. Security popups may well be ineffective for most people, but as a power user I know when UAC prompts should and shouldn't appear; getting a prompt when one shouldn't pop up is a useful warning sign.

Comment: Re:No they did not. They have failed HARD. (Score 1) 296 296

I think I learned about uBlock from someone's sig here. It accomplishes the same goal as Adblock Plus/Edge, but uses significantly less memory. A freshly launched Firefox instance with Adblock Plus (only one empty tab open) used slightly over 230MB of RAM; with uBlock that figure is down to around 100MB.

I too first started using Firefox when it was called Phoenix, but I disagree that Mozilla has failed. In my experience Firefox is fast and responsive. Resource-minimalness (is that even a word?) isn't an issue for me, as I don't think Firefox requires unreasonable amounts of disk space or RAM. Especially after switching to uBlock. I suppose RAM usage starts to matter more if you like to keep hundreds of tabs open; it's a valid concern but not relevant for me.

(I couldn't figure out how to get the micro sign to work on Slashdot.)

Comment: Re:Spartan is to IE, as Firefox was to Netscape/Mo (Score 1) 99 99

I can only conclude that you and I must be using totally different browsers despite both being called Firefox, because the one I'm using isn't in a "sorry state". Then again, I'm a weirdo who doesn't think a fullscreen start menu is a crime against humanity either :-)

Comment: Re:OpenSSL and the Internet (Score 1) 97 97

It makes sense that a library that exists (duh, but was anything else available in 1998?), is free of charge, and does its job will become widely used. Has a technically superior future alternative ever taken over something that was available when needed? Makes me think of IPv6, but I'm not sure the comparison works.

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