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Is it wrong to cite the bad choices that a rape victim may have made, in a specific circumstance, like getting blackout-drunk in a semi-private party while surrounded by people that the victim might not know very well, when the nature gathering itself has helped whip up those in attendance into a higher state of sexual interest?

I think it's definitely wrong when talking to or about a specific victim. They feel horrible enough already.
On the other hand, such talk probably has a useful place in rape (or violence in general) prevention education, for example. The advice can do good only when given in advance.

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I suppose you don't mean to imply that the fact he was there because of his job makes any difference? Would you shift the blame in other circumstances? Or am I misunderstanding you?

I wonder where the victim blaming comes from; I admit it's often my first thought until just a moment later a more rational part of the brain catches up and tells me I'm being unfair and wrong. Luckily I don't open my mouth in between.

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What's the rest of your hardware like? GTX 660 doesn't need anywhere close to 1 kW, I'm doing fine with a 450 W PSU (also powering an i5-2500 CPU and one hard drive). Seems more likely that your previous PSU was just a very low quality one.

Greetings from the someone-might-be-wrong-on-the-internet dept. :-)

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