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Submission + - cool tech in immigration control (

reiisi writes: For several decades, we have enjoyed a visa waver zone, where everyone in the participating countries is allowed up to 90 days in any of the other countries without going to the trouble of getting a visa.

The department of homeland insecurity has seen fit to improve this program by requiring on-line requests in advance for permission to travel to the US. There is a travel promotion fee of ten dollars and a processing fee of four. So an expatriate married to a Japanese citizen and living in Japan, for instance, now gets the privilege of supporting the DHS to the tune of USD 14 in order to travel in the company of his wife to visit family and friends in the States. Paid by any of the convenient big 4 US credit cards.

Oh, and you get to use your brand-new digital passport.

So is this new mini-visa is Cool New Use of Technology, or what?

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