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Submission Capital One Fraud Detection Shuts Down Cards Inappropriately->

reifman writes: On Sunday, Capital One declined a $280 travel reservation I charged at India-based ClearTrip.com and immediately shut off my card for all transactions until I contacted them by phone. It wasn’t the first time that CapitalOne had shut off my card after a single suspect transaction. But, I’d actually purchased from ClearTrip.com using my CapitalOne card on two prior occasions. It was an example of very poor fraud detection and led me on a tour of their pathetic customer service. The banks want to cut their losses regardless of how it impacts their customers.
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Submission Personal Data of 15M T-Mobile Credit Applicants Hacked->

reifman writes: T-Mobile said today that the data of about 15 million credit applicants was stolen from credit reporting agency Experian. Applicants who had their credit checked for T-Mobile phone plans and financing between Sept. 1, 2013 through Sept. 16, 2015 may have had their sensitive personal data revealed in the hack. While data like Social Security numbers and ID numbers were encrypted, Experian said that the encryption may have been broken. T-Mobile is offering customers two years of identity theft protection through ... Experian ... If you're willing to give your e-mail, social security number and security questions to the company yet again in your identity theft protection application.
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Submission Aerial Photos of Amazon's Epic Biospheres->

reifman writes: I spent Saturday taking panoramas and photos of Seattle's massive array of construction cranes. GeekWire just hired pilots to shoot images of Amazon's coming biodomes from the sky: 'The ornate spheres will sit in the shadow the Space Needle and will almost certainly become some of the city’s most recognizable structures. The largest of the three spheres will sit 95 feet tall and 130 feet in diameter. That’s about the equivalent of an eight-story building.' The first floor and neighboring dog park will allow local women a place to meet busy Amazon men.
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Submission Tech overkill destroyed the loveliest city on the West Coast->

reifman writes: I've been trying to explain to Seattle residents how Amazon's rapid growth is driving out artists and homogenizing the culture but have not been able to anywhere near as well as Adrian Weckler describes the death of San Francisco by tech firms: 'Gone are many artists, artisans and tradespeople. Instead, the lofts, townhouses and studios are being populated with content curators, engineers and infrastructure architects. They're young, they're rich and they're dull as dishwater. The city that once identified with The Grateful Dead now hums along to Hootie and the Blowfish.'
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Submission Amazon Men Facing Gridlock in Company Restrooms->

reifman writes: Washington State's been investigating complaints by Amazon men about long waits for the restroom in company offices. Public records requests revealed floors with 150 men and as few as four toilets. Amazon refuses to release diversity numbers for its Seattle workforce but soon most of these will be able to walk to their nearby apartment units for bathroom breaks.
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Submission Amazon's Diversity Problem: Too Many Men, Not Enough Toilets->

reifman writes: Washington State's investigating ongoing complaints by Amazon men about overcrowded restrooms: 'if you were a female worker on the 9th floor of Amazon's Varzea building in 2013, you would have been surrounded by 60 men, and just two other women. That meant there was one female worker for every women's bathroom stall, compared to about 15 men to every fixture up one floor, 100 men and 13 women. Up one more 77 men and nine women. ' One female employee complained on Twitter of always having to turn the light on in the bathroom. Amazon continues to refuse to release gender, race and income statistics for its Seattle workforce.
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Submission Engaging Newbies in Email Encryption and Network Privacy->

reifman writes: All six parts of my series introducing beginners to PGP encryption and network privacy are now freely available. I hope it's useful for Slashdot readers to share with their less-technical acquaintances. There's an introduction to PGP, a guide to email encryption on the desktop, smartphone and in the browser, an introduction to the emerging key sharing and authentication startup, Keybase.io, and an intro to VPNs. There's a lot more work for us to do in the ease of use of communications privacy but this helps people get started more with what's available today.
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Submission "Flee the Jungle" Launch Promotes Amazon Shopping Alternatives->

Submission Amazon Misled the Associated Press About Seattle's Housing Problems->

reifman writes: Recently, Amazon PR told the Associated Press (AP) that it had 'given the city [of Seattle] tens of millions of dollars for affordable housing' for a story syndicated by more than 300 news sites including The New York Times, The Washington Post and many others around the world. It turns out their claim isn't quite accurate. The fees weren't donated nor were they in "the tens of millions." Furthermore, there have been recent protests outside the company's headquarters for its harms to affordable housing and a friend of mine working in the space told me, 'No one in the affordable housing world sees [Amazon] as anything other than a driver of increased costs.' The company also made claims that it 'paid for a new street car' and donated to 100 charities — statements somewhat overstated for effect. For example, it did buy one of four street cars but only paid for 1/10th of the four car system. It's actually rare that Amazon's PR team responds to reporters at all. The only time I've heard from them was for a Slashdot post on unlaunching their Civic Apps contest, they lied to me. Reporter Paul Constant once wrote he, '...suspect[s] that the Amazon PR phone line is connected to an answering machine in an abandoned warehouse in Belize.'
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Submission Amazon's Leading the Economic Boom Wrecking Seattle-> 1

reifman writes: Seattleites are struggling with massive traffic, rising housing costs and declining diversity. Amazon's building and acquiring enough office space to triple its local headcount by 2020. Facebook, Google and many other tech companies are now expanding here as well — it's the San Franciscoization of Seattle. Downtown is filled with 75 cranes — some blocks look like mining towns. Amazon's hired so many white males that King County is now the whitest in the nation and hate crimes against gays have shot up in a formerly LGBTQ neighborhood. Politicians can't agree on reforming impact fees and taxes to address these issues. Recently, a long time Amazonian told its interns to avoid full time employment there. Since most employees burn out within one to two years and leave, the company doesn't care much about the quality of life in the city. It's treating Seattle as an empty vessel for profit.
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Submission Amazon Driven Tech Boom Reshaping But Breaking Seattle->

reifman writes: The quality of life in the Emerald City has swiftly been ruined. Since 2010, Amazon has approximately quintupled its local headcount to nearly 25,000. It's building and acquiring enough office space for 71,500 employees here by 2020. The company's torn down nearly every building in South Lake Union just north of the city center to construct new offices. Downtown is currently filled with 75 cranes — some blocks look like mining areas. But many other technology companies are now joining into the San Francisco-ization of Seattle. Traffic's often a nightmare. Housing prices and rental costs are skyrocketing; homelessness is up 21% since last year. Diversity is declining while hate crimes in the formerly gay stronghold of Capitol Hill are rising. The company hires so many men, many white, that our county is now the whitest of the nation's most populous. City and state government and political leaders remain apparently incapable of addressing these issues. This week, a long time Amazonian told its interns to get jobs elsewhere. Most employees burn out within one to two years until Amazon finds replacements. The company doesn't seem to care if the quality of life remains high here, it's using Seattle as an empty vessel for profit.
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Submission Microsoft Begins Returning Proceeds from Tax Dodging->

reifman writes: The Washington State Legislature and its budget is a complete mess this year but there's been an unusual bright spot which may quiet the protesters Slashdot reported earlier: Microsoft has volunteered for an exclusive $28 million annual tax — as long as the state funds a number of computer science degree programs. Visions of these faded after the 2008 recession when the legislature cut $4 billion from K-12 and higher education spending in part to cover the coming legalization and amnesty for Microsoft's Nevada tax dodge (students' tuitions only increased 58.6 percent.) With Microsoft's voluntary tax, the company will have fully repaid its $8.75 billion tax dodge by 2327, just 312 years from now.
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Submission How to Respond to Internet Rage->

reifman writes: So, you’ve been attacked by trolls? Here’s what to expect: Your phone will vibrate incessantly with Twitter mentions. You’ll receive angry, obscenity filled emails and anonymous comments on your blog. Bloggers will take you out of context (a columnist at The Guardian compared me to a mass murderer—seriously). And maybe, you’ll receive an inappropriate package at your home, as I did. If you choose to respond, here's how to proceed.
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Submission Anatomy of Some Slashdottings->

reifman writes: I've shared traffic data from some of my posts that have been published at Slashdot over the past decade which has varied from as little as 1,500 page views to upwards of 40,000. Definitely the most surprising response was to Hacking Weight Loss: What I Learned Losing 30 Pounds — who knew Slashdot readers were so health conscious?
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