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Comment: Re:It's an Effing Toll Road (Score 4, Insightful) 992

by reidconti (#41263241) Attached to: Texas Opens Fastest US Highway With 85 MPH Limit

What, what an asshole move. Not only do you care so little about safety that you threaten to cause bodily harm to another driver because you *don't like the way they drive*, but you're perfectly fine with causing massive traffic jams. Have you ever noticed how most instances of really heavy (but rolling) traffic occur because there's some inconsiderate driver with no lane discipline, no ability to look in their mirrors, and a self-important outlook on their driving, who is holding up countless cars behind them by going slow in the left lane?

Yeah, probably not. You wouldn't notice something like that.

Comment: Re:I think everyone has already made up their mind (Score 1) 461

by reidconti (#40842493) Attached to: Mitt Romney To Announce VP Decision Via Smartphone App

No. I'm aware that she never said "I can see Russia from my house". I'm aware that she appealed to a certain segment of voters. I'm aware that many of the knocks against her were unfair and not based in reality.

But she's still SOFAKING STUPID. I'm not sure what kind of kool-aid you have to drink to ignore this fact.

Comment: Re:2007 Mac Mini couldn't be upgraded (Score 1) 397

by reidconti (#40829663) Attached to: Mac OS X Mountain Lion Gets Three Million Downloads In 4 Days

That is true, that apple has an incentive to make the new OS not work on old hardware. I have a 2006 Mac Pro (first model with Intel chips) that ran me ~$2800 back in August 2006. It's still chugging along great, doing my video transcoding work when I ask it to do so -- albeit not as quickly as a brand new machine, of course.

I don't use it much anymore, but it still works fine, as does my Dell monitor I bought at the same time.

The Mac Pro is not capable of running Mountain Lion. That's a bit of a bummer, as I like having all of my machines on the same OS. However, I don't use the system a lot, and Lion will work fine on it. It's 6 years old. I'm sure in another 2 years I'll stop using it entirely, but 8 years is a pretty good run.

Comment: Re:Mac is the cheaper alternative (Score 1) 397

by reidconti (#40829629) Attached to: Mac OS X Mountain Lion Gets Three Million Downloads In 4 Days

Cygwin is also more Pile-Of-Shit compliant than OS X too. You are probably correct when it comes to proper behavior of Unix code; all I know is that, in day-to-day use, Cygwin sucks ass and has countless problems.

And yes, I've used it on and off on the rare miserable occasions where I was not able to have a Linux or OS X system provided by my employer -- a couple of years in 06-07 standing out in my mind the most.

Comment: Re:Same as most everyone else (Score 1) 1880

by reidconti (#38025916) Attached to: What's Keeping You On Windows?

2. Home. My wife has no interest in Apple, she thoroughly detests the single-button mouse. I explain that Apple computers can right-click now, but she's uninterested. And she uses a notebook, so a two-button touch pad is her 'need'. Since I am her primary tech support, I need to accomodate her platform of choice here also.

I understand needing to accommodate her choices, but it's worth pointing out that there are no single-button mice or trackpads on Apple products anymore. The trackpad itself is the button, so two fingers is a right click. Same on the standard mice they distribute with desktops.

I've got a new laptop with Lion and bought a magic trackpad for desktop use, I'm really loving the gestures.

Carry on.

Comment: Re:Software distribution culture, and Open Source (Score 1) 1880

by reidconti (#38025890) Attached to: What's Keeping You On Windows?

Some Mac software is available in binary form in nice DMG images, and when it is, installation is a snap. But these images are still much less ubiquitous than Windows installers, and when they are not available, you're left typing "./configure; make" just like on Linux -- only now with less support.

Um, basically anything you would run on OS X either has a Windows-style installer (in other words, utter shite) or as a drag-and-drop which is the way things USED to be more often in OS X. This also means delete the icon when you want to uninstall, and you're done. Sadly things are moving a bit more in the Windows installer direction, where you specifically need to run an UNinstaller to get rid of some applications.

Anything you need to build on the command line is likely something you simply cannot get in Windows (without dealing with Cygwin or some such hack), so it counts in favor of OS X, not against it.

Comment: Re:Turbo Tax (Score 1) 1880

by reidconti (#38025848) Attached to: What's Keeping You On Windows?

At least for my Mom, it's Turbo Tax. The DRM seems to make it impossible -- at least for her -- to install and in an emulator or virtual machine. There's other software that does the same thing and is more emulation friendly (or even Max or Linux compatible), and I think there's even a web version of TT, but she doesn't want to risk changing anything since she's responsible for all her siblings' and in-laws tax returns.

Turbo Tax runs on OS X natively, and has for some time. I'm not sure if I'm misreading you here, and you're anti-Mac. But the fact that you mentioned other Mac/Linux compatible software leads me to believe you're open to OS X and just didn't realize TurboTax runs on it.

Comment: Re:Switched back to Windows from Linux/OSX (Score 1) 1880

by reidconti (#38025768) Attached to: What's Keeping You On Windows?

I'm sorry, how are WinSCP and Putty anything but the tools of absolute last resort? They're both, quite frankly, absolutely terrible. So is Cygwin. If you spend any time dealing with Unix, I don't see how a Mac isn't the better choice, unless you're also a corp IT person who needs to deal with Windows servers.

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