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Comment Re:Difficult to Define a "Good" Teacher (Score 3, Informative) 1322 1322

As a current student in the public school system, I believe that this argument is more interesting than insightful. It really is not difficult (for anyone who can remember what it's like to be in school) to tell a lazy teacher from a good one. My lazy teachers are not subtly different. They will literally sit at their computers and play for the majority of the hour. The students know the difference, too. In these sorts of classes, everyone will appear to be working, but you'll notice they're all working on different subjects.

Comment Re:If they'd just started with a simple price per (Score 5, Insightful) 112 112

Wrong. The internet backbone is fundamentally limited and, thanks to bittorent, it's finally being congested. Think about it this way: if everyone maxed out their connections all the time, everyone's connection speed would be a small fraction of what they currently take for granted. As media streaming -- bittorent, netflix, hulu, or whatever -- becomes increasingly popular, connection speeds WILL hit a wall. When people do realize that internet bandwidth is a limited commodity, something is going to have to give. I, for one, am not going to pay the same monthly fee for 1GB/month (to use basic sites like slashdot) that 100GB/month users use to download illegal media. Sure, I'm opposed to RIAA, as is everyone on slashdot. But there comes a point where I'm fed up with these bandwidth leeches.

Comment Re:The YouTube model can work (Score 1) 281 281

I'm a high school student (though clearly an exceptional one) with a cheap camcorder and iMovie, and I worked with my (equally exceptional) cousin to create a TV-show-length film in a few days -- one which has impressed several adults who are NOT regularly impressed with television content. Perhaps you are mistaking the networks' high quality cameras and microphones and well-polished, digitally generated transitions for quality entertainment. There's a difference.

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