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Comment: False Alternatives (Score 0) 272

by reedk (#44284979) Attached to: How Intellectual Property Reinforces Inequality
Privatizing good health, among other things IS " and a central component of a fair society and well-functioning economy ". For an example of the alternative, see this recent article from the Telegraph: "Equality," in the post-modern sense, is one of the most unjust ideas of our time.

Comment: Market Share Monopoly (Score 0) 311

by reedk (#40132401) Attached to: Apple Fires Back At DoJ Over eBook Price Fixing
Amazon having a large share of the market does not in itself prove a monopoly, as Apple asserts. Amazon had other competitors just waiting for them to stumble. It seems to me that Apple's ability to enter the market, and to do so on terms as different from Amazon as they claim, tells me that Amazon did not have "nearly absolute" power.

Comment: Ubuntu put in the furry section? (Score -1) 183

by reedk (#38712968) Attached to: Ubuntu TV: Coming Soon To a Living Room Near You (Video)
Two obersrvations: 1. It may be the nerves of the camera, but if you are asked to explain your product and your first response is "uhhh...," that'sa sign the product goal isn't clear. He has trouble explaining this despite havinf presumably done it a hundred times already. 2. What's with the giant 6-foot insect in the corner? It's quite the distraction. It looks like the ubuntu tent is in the corner of the hall with the insect infestation.

+ - Sega Hacked, 1.3 Million Accounts Compromised->

Submitted by Orome1
Orome1 writes: Sega Corporation was attacked and its database breached last week, and the fact was confirmed by the company the day after it took its SEGA Pass system offline on Thursday. The breach resulted in the compromise of email addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords of 1.3 million users, but luckily no personal payment information was acquired by the attackers since SEGA doesn't store it and uses external payment providers.
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+ - Apples new HQ

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: The new Apple HQ is a design based on the "circular city" concept created by industrial designer Jacque Fresco. On his page you can see the similarities. The building is designed to be extremely efficient concerning work, transportation and energy consumption.

+ - Security researchers offered money for 0-days

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: I'm a security researcher finding bugs in operating systems and in various applications. Recently, I got a couple of e-mails trying to convince me, using not-so-great English, to sell my, presumably unannounced, 0-days for money: We are a security research company that has a unit dedicated to vulnerability research. We have now started buying exploits from the market to fasten our research and our current interest area is Windows 7 / Macintosh exploits ( Unpatched or Zero days ). We will pay the researcher better than the other initiatives depending on the quality of exploits. Kindly reply if you are interested with what all exploits you have currently so that we can discuss over the same. In case something is of interest we can close the deal immediately and pay via most of the channels possible. Regards, Security Researchers.

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