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Comment: Patience (Score 1) 400

I await patiently for the day when '3d printing' 'Selective Laser Sintering', or whatever it will be called is available for a reasonable price, and can be applied to metals, and ceramics.

I envision a day where my workshop contains every metal of reasonable price, in powder form. Then I will be able to produce any alloy simply by adding the right amount of powder to my '3d printer'.

Once we can make materials that are smooth, and precise enough to be used as bearings, and once we can print semiconductors we will have little actual need for centralized manufacturing, other than for efficiency, or convenience.

Already 3d printed cellulose has been done; no more stockpiling toiletpaper for TEOTWAWKI!

Comment: Re:First to file vs first to invent (Score 1) 84

by redwraith94 (#43945893) Attached to: Apple Files Patent For Digital Wallet and Virtual Currency
Fortunately there is a clause that prevents trollish behavior like this. Though I am surprised Apple's attorneys really think they can circumvent it.

The clause states that an invention is NOT patent-able if it has been published, anywhere in the world, more than one year before the filing date. I will laugh my ass off if they get it though...

Comment: Re:now we wait (Score 2) 586

by redwraith94 (#43555113) Attached to: Europe Needs Genetically Engineered Crops, Scientists Say
You posted that, because you wanted to be an ass. Now you are name calling someone who says that it looks like the muslims will be the ones to start violence in Europe. AC said nothing against women, nothing against humans, did not advocate euthanasia, or genocide, and you can glean from the tone of AC's reply that they find genocide to be an abhorrent thing.

News flash AC also said nothing about disliking muslims either. Only that the radical portion of that religion does not seem to be under control, and likes violence. Ya know, a little like you.

Comment: Re:Does that include Women Porn? (Score 1) 390

by redwraith94 (#43546249) Attached to: No Porn From Public WiFi Hotspots In the UK Proposed
That's a good point; how do you define what porn is? There are plenty of scantily clad women in photos all over the web. From a technical perspective, how do you ban a certain type of picture?... I guess when the DARPA robots with the AI neural nets are deployed (which haven't been built yet) they could actually take a stab at it. That would be too technically advanced for government. I find it more likely that they would just pay someone to watch people browsing the web, at least this way they can claim it makes more jobs...

Comment: Re:Slippery slope? (Score 1) 604

by redwraith94 (#43545681) Attached to: Bruce Schneier On the Marathon Bomber Manhunt
Actually, and this point is the most important of this whole case. The Police didn't catch him. The FBI didn't catch him. The city wide dragnet (let's edge ever closer to martial law) didn't stop him. No it was a home owner who noticed that the bomber was stupid enough to have disturbed the position of his boat caught him, no one else. No amount of quais-stassi police work here. Just a decent ordinary citizen. The lock down was unnecessary.

Comment: Re:A sudden attack of reason (Score 1) 238

Robots can be hacked. They also present a great disparity in power. They also have no soul; they didn't swear an oath to uphold, and defend this country, it's constitution, or it's people. For the use of deadly force on U.S. soil, give me a human to make that decision anyday. Geez, folks...I'm so sorry that robot killed your whole was just this darn BSOD! We'll make it up to, we'll cover your funeral costs!

Comment: Re:A sudden attack of reason (Score 1) 238

It isn't just spying that is at issue. At least with ground combat, and small arms fire an individual would have a reasonable chance of protecting themselves from abuses of force by the government, or any other entity. With drones that carry anti-vehicle weaponry, and can deliver that ordinance from the air at stand off ranges. There isn't any reasonable chance to protect oneself. To my mind this is akin to allowing Law Enforcement Officers to utilize mortars, or missiles in the use of deadly force. Can you imagine a high speed chase ended via a surface to surface missile, or an abandoned structure razed to the ground via artillery to get rid of a meth lab? If we allow the use of deadly force on U.S. soil via drones then that isn't far off either. At least overseas in the context of actual combat against an actually well-defined enemy they are to me a somewhat worrisome additional military tool. The reason they are worrisome is because of bureaucratic nonsense like this..."Yeah, let's use them at home since they work so well overseas!"...

Comment: Re:It's not dead. (Score 3, Insightful) 791

by redwraith94 (#42441823) Attached to: Windows 8 Even Less Popular Than Vista
I am pretty sure it will. The arrogant folks of at M$ seem to not realize that they got to their position by giving the market enough of what it wanted for them to be worth any hassles. They are leveraging people too hard, and it does drive people away. What they should be doing is trying to slow the flow of R&D dollars to anything Android or IOS based as quickly, and effectively as possible (by pleasing the hell out of their current customer base), because when the ARM architecture catches up close enough behind Intel in terms of power, and large lightweight screen tablets are available for cheap, there really isn't a reason to pay them extra for windows at all. It's more likely at that point that Android will start seeing adoption in the PC space for the same reason M$ thinks it will happen in reverse...

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