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Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 216

Like Cali, or NY? Oh you meant nation. Sorry, I have to disagree with you; I think most states are fairly 'nanny' over here.

Quick, quick, save me from myself! I don't want the responsibility of making decisions for me! It could lead to me being wrong about something, and then loosing my leverage in a future argument with every person in the world about how great I am! Save MEeeee!

Comment Re: Yep (Score 1) 216

I dunno, did the FCC classify your device as having to accept interference? Your weapon might fire accidentally, committing a felony for every additional shot. What about a de-bounce switch? How can you be sure you will stay jail free, and not commit multiple, accidental felonies? I am not willing to risk my freedoms on it, not me, no sirree, bob. I'll stay safe in my box over here, don't mind me. Just shivering alone in my box, waiting for the authorities.


in my box, where it's safe.

Comment Re: Yep (Score 1) 216

Well our gracious Sabbatean Franko Nazi overlords realized that in Rome it angered people when they were charged with a law that they weren't allowed to read. They saw that bureaucracy, and capriciousness were more likely to succeed in the long run. Since the people would be fighting the bureaucracy, and its 'inefficiency'. In this way they could avoid the overt trappings of totalitarianism, all the while cramming 'freedom' down everyone's throats for so long that they actually believed that they were.

Comment Re:approves an anti (Score 1) 446

Hybridization as between two plants of the same species is fine by me. I take issue with simpletons splicing in genes from other creatures assuming that in the depth of their grandeur they can actually foresee critical interactions, and then trying to pass off their arrogance as progress. Frustrating vermin.

When we can take the entire sequenced genome, and feed it into a simulation that can accurately model the entire life-cycle of the organism in something faster than real time, then we can have a discussion about modifying organisms, and after that releasing them into the wild. Anything else should be on pain of death. You-all (myself included) are far too ignorant to be making these kinds of decisions, and keep your damned glyphosphate off my breakfast cereal!

Comment Re:absolute BS (Score 1) 242

That isn't correct. While in a reactor Plutonium, or Uranium (fission) will produce more energy than fusion per nucleon, that is the average energy over the life of all of the decay products:

The majority of the decay products takes far longer than a full second to be produced, so they aren't relevant to the detonation, or the brisance of the device.

In the environment of a reactor, you can simply wait long enough, and extract the full energy as Plutonium is converted between a dozen different elements, but in a bomb, speed is king, so the slow fission products don't add meaningful amounts of force, or power to the explosion. Fusion boosters don't have a critical mass, so you can pack in as much of them as you want.

Comment Re:absolute BS (Score 1) 242

That makes me think of the buzz bomb videos on youtube, can you imagine a fusion / fission version of that? It would have to be deafening.

So we had to limit this device to 230 decibels, A weighted. Stupid FAA. It'll only physically rip you pieces 150 yards out....No, no the hearing protection, don't bother...Yes, yes I'm sure.

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