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Comment: Re:$100,000,000 (Score 2) 205 205

That was since 2010 though, so what that is 20 Million a year? This was probably an AT&T marketing idea:

Clown #1:Everyone is so pissed about these bills, their speed is terrible, and there is no coverage indoors, plus that whole NS...whatever thing.
Clown #2: What do we do about these perceptions of problems? if they don't go away, I won't be able to buy that new electric motorcycle, to go with my Tesla!
Clown #3: Oooh, Oooh! I know, we'll have the FC, uh what were they called again? Fine us...something like chump change, right,, like a billion? and then everyone will think we've been punished!
Director #1:A billion? Those plebs, would think 100 Million is a massive amount of money, that's what we'll do, we'll have the FCC fine us a cool 100 Million. Hell we've already earned that back since this meeting started! That's a great idea, I'm glad I thought of it!
Clown #3: ...

Comment: Re:Dr Strangelove (Score 1) 307 307

I think if there was anything covered up in the moon landings it was alien related. Not that they helped us get there, just we accidentally photographed them as well, or something.

Kennedy was assassinated because he dared to release the silver certificate back into circulation. The day after he was murdered, those BilderScum, had their living puppet pull the certificates. Kennedy isn't even in the ground yet, but oh no we must remove the silver from circulation! You might, I don't know actually control inflation for once, and threaten the very core of our petro-dollar hegemony! Perish the thought...

I like that term BilderScum, I am going to use it from now on. BIlderburg as in 'God of the mountain' (Bil / Bel / Baal = god, der = from / of, burg = mountain). So Lord of the scum. That's all you wretched vermin get, our sewer system, Enjoy it.

Comment: Likely will not happen. (Score 3, Interesting) 272 272

So you are going to force China, and Russia to give up the arsenals that they aren't getting rid of? There is really only one way to do that, which would be to destroy them. Nukes are here for the foreseeable future. Let the idea of forcing other people to get rid of something they own out of your mind. The more people that do that, the less likely they will be used.

My favorite idea for getting rid of NEOs is a super powerful laser, that would ablate the surface, and gently nudge the thing off course.

I am sure there are certain scenarios where you could detonate a nuke nearby it, and let the resulting shockwave do the same thing. However the modeling that we have for atmospheric shockwaves is inaccurate, and large object surface will be anything but smooth. Also most celestial objects will be moving much faster than our missiles, so we may not actually have time to intercept them.

I mean no offense to you, OP, however what you purpose isn't possible, that is trimming down the arsenals to only a dozen or so.

A perfect example of this; does Russia still have 152mm nuclear artillery shells? I realize that the were 'destroyed' because of the Start treaty, but I find it very interesting that that is the larger caliber available for the Armata T-14 platform. Which shows another dilemma; can you trust any of the nations that have them to honestly tell you what they have, when first strike capability is so very, very important? They are going to a hell of a-lot of trouble to be able to air-lift 400 tanks to 'anywhere' in the globe (or about 7,000 km) to drop just 400 tanks, which in the scheme of a war with Nato, would be overall fairly useless. Along with having only 80 transports for the entire country is fairly risky. If I were them, that is how I would play it.

As another example, who attempted to 'steal' the nukes via the Minot-Barksdale air base incident? Very few people have the authority to order nukes flown in launch position over the US, in a time of 'peace' (such as that is). Everyone was quietly 'transferred', and no one was court martialed, Which means, that the officers involved in the actual transfer had valid signatures, and they were protecting someone higher up. That's our own country, do you really believe a foreign power is going to be more honest? They won't be, as it isn't the interest of any Government that needs power to enforce its will (i.e., all of them).

Government's are just extensions of the people, and they will behave just like people (i.e. lie to you).

Comment: Re:Icehouse Earth (Score 1) 637 637

I haven't heard the idea of seeding algal blooms with iron salts in the ocean in order to fix carbon being disproved.
I don't in general trust politicians as they tend to break more than they fix (usually due to either greed, or oversimplification).
I haven't heard of any good proposed solutions:
Carbon Cap & Fail is more central control (theft & waste), and disastrous for it.
Everyone biking isn't going to happen.
Everyone riding the bus shouldn't happen.
In general it seems to be alot more media to the tune of 'the world's on fire', and no decent solutions, let alone decent proposals.

On the other hand that is assuming all the facts are accurate, and that the assumptions based on them are correct. I don't believe that we understand this planet well enough to determine the cause yet, and probably not within my life time:
How accurate is the next days weather forecast, to a single degree? Let alone a week out, or a year...
'Climatology' is a rather young science.
Physics is rather mature (by our standards). Do you believe in the conservation of momentum? It actually doesn't hold. This has been proven by three separate groups, over the last few years, yet we still believe in this 'conservation of momentum':

In all seriousness, my point is that the world is far more complicated than we would like to believe. We only feel we understand a topic when it is comfortable to us, and that comfort is our understanding (fear of the unknown), but it is ALWAYS a gross oversimplification. We are always wrong, about everything, all of the time. The question is 'how wrong are we?'. The question is not 'are we right?'. We are never accurate enough to be called right, only, hopefully 'good enough' for the task at hand.

I don't see anything in this other than more central government control, and media buzzwords. What of the algal blooms? I am not arguing we should geo-engineer the planet, but I haven't seen that (the only viable idea) defeated by anyone, on its merits,

Regardless we shouldn't ruin ourselves in a blind frenzy to 'save the planet' (or centralize control, which is the same thing). Either way I support more research dollars for things like Thorium reactors, and solar power, as they may be the solution anyway, and the could only help.

Comment: Re:the world was supposed to end years ago (Score 1) 637 637

'Muppet' isn't an insult to me. You will have to try harder. I rather liked the Muppets.

So nothing on the rust then? I'm from Ohio, we can give you all the rust for free! As long as you promise to take it to the ocean, that way you can be the hero of the world, solving the worlds climate crisis, with one fell, affordable swoop!

My feeble-ape-brain does realize that stopping the gulf stream requires stopping the Earth from rotating, but I am guessing you sided with the bow tie wearing Scientologist on that one:

I love that chick's smile. It is so haughty, sad, and occasionally drops to reveal a soul crushing lack of self-esteem. It is a lot like the bow tie wearing Scientologist's smile for that. It's grievous to see other humans so gleeful to be shooting each other down, as if that is their entire raison d'etre. It reminds me of this: an absolute marvel of engineering, beautiful, powerful, somewhat awe inspiring. Reduced to scraps. Fallen, never to rise again.

I do have confidence, it is born of reason. I am supposing you don't know what an algal bloom is then, or how, and why it would reverse the issues you posit actually exist?

I am a gift to the world, but not what you were hoping for. You may go about your business. Move along.

Comment: Re:the world was supposed to end years ago (Score 1) 637 637

As well as us having hit peak oil like 5 times already, over the past nearly 50 years! One bout of peak oil was supposed to nearly kill us, I am surprised to find that we could have survived 5 of them!

Also I have a hard time taking climate scientologists seriously, as it seems to my feeble human brain that the fix of dumping rust (or perhaps a more soluble iron salt) into certain areas of the worlds oceans would cause algal blooms to fixate a great deal of carbon, thereby reversing this horrific trend of weather pattern changes. The fact that they brush the simplest, most straight-forward solution aside, and instead go for increased central government (carbon cap & fail), makes my puny ape brain go into 'suspicion' mode. I don't trust people who want to control energy; our society lives, or dies by it.

The sun drops nearly 2 horsepower per square meter at the outside of Earths atmosphere (1400 Watts), every second. To think that Sol's output varies by an entire .1% over an 11 year cycle, and that has to have nothing to do with changing temperatures on this ball of dust, no it must my SUV idling. Damn Chevy, trying to kill us all.

Comment: Lost world (Score 1) 212 212

two weeks, and seven years ago...

What the fuck is wrong with those people? You broke the horse, so you are responsible for her. Then you push her so hard that she brakes both ankles with compound fractures, then kill her, and just move on? Brilliant comment about how she must have tripped over own legs, except for the fact that she had no fluid in her joints, that might possibly have had a lot more to do with it. Useless, sacks of shit.

Comment: Re:im not sure what to make of this (Score 1) 126 126

Most 'sports' will leave the participant in better physical condition (i.e. healthier) than if they weren't engaged in them. E-Sports fails on that point alone. Get up, and walk around once a day. We weren't built to live on a chair. The business world has a monstrous amount of RSI related injuries for the same reason; Form & Function, yet we disregard both.

Getting the job done is no excuse for not following the rules. Corollary: Following the rules will not get the job done.