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Comment FAA & Public Safety (Score 1, Insightful) 236 236

I'd like to read the court's judgement to better understand the reason, but while the FAA may seem overbearing in this case, the FAA is charged with public safety, and they take it very seriously. Anyone that did complain to the police or the FAA had Good Reason. Incidents with RC aircraft are not uncommon. I have to agree with the FAA on this one. If someone is appearing to be reckless with their aircraft, regardless of the type, it needs to be addressed.

Comment The Truly Sad Part of the Story (Score 2) 453 453

Is that: "Iacuzza said she doesn't mind the security measure. She just wants to be told if her car is getting searched." Somehow knowing that it happens make her ok with it. After all, she doesn't have anything to hide. She's is consenting to continued violations of the 4th Amendments because she's bought a season pass to the security theater.

Comment Justice Department is just like an HR department (Score 5, Interesting) 231 231

Many people think that a corporation's Human Resources department is there for the protection of the employees. In reality, the opposite is the case - to protect the management from the employees. The same is true for the Justice Department. It doesn't exist to protect the people, but rather to protect the administration and control the population. Sure every once in a while they manage to do the right thing to satisfy the people. My HR department organizes an annual summer picnic.

Comment Small Claims Court (Score 1) 443 443

I haven't read the ToS, but if there aren't any disclaimers that allow them to arbitrarily change the terms, small claims court is the place to go. They are essentially not fulfilling the contract, and you can probably get some, if not all, your money back. If enough people do this, it can become a real hassle to the provider.

Comment SNMP (Score 1) 165 165

Why would you spend time doing this by hand when you can have SNMP probe the network for you? It can collect nearly all that information. You might have to put in some smarts to correlate switch port activates and new clients requesting DHCP, but that's easy (hint: your key is MAC address). If you need to, you can have the SNMP client supply custom OIDs to query for more specific information. Then just dump into the DB of your choice. THEN you add the appropriate DB driver to your visualizer of choice (Excel, for example) and you can generate reports.

This isn't too complicated to set up on your own, but there are off-the-shelf products that do this, too. I've used OpenNMS with success for this purpose.

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