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User Journal

Journal: distopia lives

Journal by redneckmother

Well, I guess I am not /. "material". I've read and enjoyed the site for many, many years, and actually registered "recently"... but (I am sorry to say) the site has declined below my threshold of interest / tolerance. Too bad, so sad... I wish you all well. I'll probably check back from time to time.

Comment: Re:They don't stay on facebook. (Score 1) 263

by redneckmother (#45480595) Attached to: BP Hired Company To Troll Users Who Left Critical Comments

No kidding. Every time I post a comment here on /. voicing my opinion about nuclear power being inherently unsafe, two guys are on top of me, praising the virtues of nuclear energy and calling me out for the clueless hippie liberal that I am.

Try pointing out that wind farms are a sWindle, don't integrate well into a grid system, don't produce at the needed times, and that Ken Lay was the first to jump in with both feet. I agree with you about nuclear plants, as I read "Normal Accidents" many years ago.

Comment: Re:Telco oligopoly (Score 1) 569

by redneckmother (#45265345) Attached to: Why Is Broadband More Expensive In the US Than Elsewhere?

Except you can't blame municipalities for the cost when they're pretty much the only part of government that's been trying to provide low-cost access. Many municipal governments have tried to set up as ISPs for their citizens, and the costs are typically far lower than what you see from the cable/DSL duopoly. They've been lobbied and sued and otherwise lawyered to death for the effort, but at least they're trying.

And while you can't fix size, you don't really need to. Most of the long-distance fiber backbones have already been run, and most of the US population lives in urban or suburban areas. The bulk of the land area of the US is rural, and they may not get cheap broadband anytime soon (it literally took an act of Congress to get them electricity and telephone after all), but they're a pretty small minority.

Hmmm.. I have electricity, but no telephone. I wonder what happened to all the money I paid for "rural communication" when I lived in metro areas?

Comment: Re:/mourn Groklaw (Score 1) 117

by redneckmother (#44955473) Attached to: Judge Orders Patent Troll To Explain Its 'Mr. Sham' To Jury

It's cases like this that make me miss Groklaw even more. They'd have someone there in the court to report on all this, and explain the legal shenanigans going on, with links to prior cases of the people involved trying the same thing, and probably how Microsoft is funding them!

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