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Comment: "we like to bring the changes to your attention" (Score 1) 270

by redizhot (#40845861) Attached to: Valve Removes Right For Class Action Claims From EULA
"Whenever we need to make changes to these agreements we like to bring the changes to your attention and explain why they’re necessary." Is that why you failed to notify us of EULA changes upon Steam login? I respect a companies ability to change user agreements, but they should ALWAYS notify you of such changes, even if 99% of readers click through it without giving it a cursory glance. I'm not sure I'm for or against this change yet, but for saying how much they like to bring attention to changes, they certainly can do more.

Comment: Don't forget about rover Opportunity! (Score 2) 90

by redizhot (#40834891) Attached to: Space Scientists Looking To Crowd-Fund Planetary Exploration
Planetory exploration, our eyes where we can't reach yet, here's a great piece on the rover Opportunity, who's still collecting valuable data that is no doubt shaping the future of planetory exploration as we know it. Little guy still chugging away. :) I feel the returns on these explorations will pay out big dividends years down the road, but not if they don't get the funding. I think privatization will be a great way to get the money needed as the commercial potential of these future space businesses could be an enormous jackpot, with the right technology and the right deal. I'm not sure how governments don't see that potential.

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redizhot writes "An excellent piece of video-videogame journalism that explores what happened to horror games, and in depth examples of games that are doing horror right, without the huge graphics budgets. Explores some titles I'm eager to try out. A good insight on narrative and stylistic mechanisms used to induce horror. A topic I see getting brought up more and more frequently."
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Comment: Gotta Disagree. (Score 1) 197

by redizhot (#40753085) Attached to: The Decline of Fiction In Video Games
Long and short, I think the article is taking a limited scope of what gaming is. I think it's been in one of the most exciting states, and is using graphically intensive games as a bar. but those are still hellishly expensive to produce. However what would have surpassed as amazing graphics 10 years ago is cheaper than ever to produce and is being used for great narrative structures. It seems to only look to the top of the graphical scope as a judge, but of course there won't be a lot of creativity there, when these games are exceeding $100m to produce. It's a pitfall of all entertainment industries when budgets get that large, so no reason to condemn gaming in particular (not to say we can't gain anything by examining it, or recognizing that different forms of entertainment are...different.)

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