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Comment: Re:A flight of fancy... (Score 1) 194

by redi (#957508) Attached to: Printing Out A New Monitor
This might lead back to consumerville in the form of very sophisticated mood clothing, that matches both your mood and the room you are in. Through practice you could learn to manipulate the clothing to convey subtle accents or advertise a specific mood.

This reminds me of an idea I loved from a Michael Marshall Smith book, where every building is covered in something like this pr0n stuff and the colours/patterns are controlled by a central computer for the whole city, and clothing is made of it too. The hero of the story (who has impeccable taste in patterns on his clothes) gets home one day to find an email from the central computer thanking him for being so colour co-ordinated and saying what a pleasure it was to work with him today.

Bet you thought this post would be more interesting.


Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?