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Ocean Currents Proposed As Cause of Magnetic Field 333

Posted by kdawson
from the round-and-round-and-round-in-the-circle-game dept.
pjt33 notes a recently published paper proposing that ocean currents could account for Earth's magnetic field. The wrteup appears on the Institute of Physics site; the IOP is co-owner, with the German Physical Society, of the open-access journal in which the paper appears. This reader adds, "The currently predominant theory is that the cause of Earth's magnetic field is molten iron flowing in the outer core. There is at present no direct evidence for either theory." "Professor Gregory Ryskin from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University in Illinois, US, has defied the long-standing convention by applying equations from magnetohydrodynamics to our oceans' salt water (which conducts electricity) and found that the long-term changes (the secular variation) in the Earth's main magnetic field are possibly induced by our oceans' circulation."

Comment: Re:Potato Blight for computers (Score 1) 273

by socrates32 (#27522791) Attached to: Conficker Downloads Payload
I think you missed the point. The barrier to entry is low because there is only one set of tools needed to write effective viruses that target 95% of PCs. Coding viruses to target the top 5 platforms costs more. Targeting only the top 50% returns less. Either way, it makes writing viruses less profitable.

Mythbusters to Test Cockroach Radiation Myth 573

Posted by Zonk
from the still-be-here-when-we're-gone dept.
redwoodtree writes "An article on the site for the Tri-City Herald sums it up perfectly: 'Contrary to popular belief, not a significant amount of research goes into cockroach radiation.' To test the old saw about 'the cockroaches being the only survivors of a nuclear war' Discovery Channel's Mythbusters are going out to Hanford Site, where plutonium was manufactured for the first nuclear bomb. It's the single most polluted nuclear waste site in the U.S. The Mythbusters are going to take cockroaches and other insects and apply successively higher doses of radiation in a controlled setting."

Comment: Re:Past hardware pullouts (Score 1) 348

by redhandmtl (#9125919) Attached to: Microsoft Backs Out Of Wi-Fi Equipment Market
I sold those phones when I was working for a VAR- they were GREAT! They synced up with outlook and could be voice dialed- teh PC would take VM and you could set up vocal rings for different numbers when they called you- features cell phones are just catching up to! Microsoft just didn't have the electronics distributors lined up at the time, and selling through the PC channel must have been unstimulating. When the EOL announcement was made Ingram was ditching them at $50 CND a phone :)

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