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Submission + - Microsoft DRM code for Netflix Streams hacked (

reddburn writes: "Macworld posted a story by IDN News Service about a hacker who has posted instructions for how to save streaming movies from Netflix, defeating Microsoft's DRM code designed to prevent users from saving the content. From the article:

A hacker who calls himself Dizzie wrote late last month on the Rorta hacking forum that "Netflix doesn't easily allow you to save the flicks and watch them at your leisure because the films are entrapped in some ... Windows Media DRM wrapper," referring to Microsoft's DRM system. Word of his hack spread more widely this week in various blogs and Web sites...He writes that the process for removing the DRM could take a few attempts, and the process does not remove the time limit imposed by Netflix on viewing the content. The Netflix site was down for maintenance early Thursday, although it was unclear if it was related to the hack. The site was back up later Thursday morning.

How long will it take for businesses to realize what the developers and engineers who work for them have known all along: there is no unbreakable DRM?"

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