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Comment: Re:in other words... (Score 1) 211 211

by redbeardcanada (#47874013) Attached to: Information Theory Places New Limits On Origin of Life
There is a better write up of this theory at: http://www.technologyreview.co... I also think this ignores the possibility that civilizations do not continue to grow by leaps and bounds but at some point plateau in terms of their growth / energy & resource consumption, planetary departure. I.e. the jump to a Type II civilization (from linked article) does not necessarily preclude a Type I from surviving at that level until the sun it orbits dies.

Comment: Content... (Score 1) 227 227

by redbeardcanada (#42454485) Attached to: That Link You Just Posted Could Cost You 300 Euros
They must have some really top notch content if they are worried about linking with only the summary threatening their business. I typically read articles for the insight and interpretation (the why and the how), not just the details of what happened when and where.

If they are actually providing some deeper level content they should want anything that links to their site (drives traffic, ad revenue, etc). Unless of course it is behind a paywall...

Comment: Re:Team Fortress 2 (Score 1) 323 323

by redbeardcanada (#40714717) Attached to: Microsoft Taking Heat For Five-Figure Xbox 360 'Patch Fee'
I agree completely.

I don't play my Xbox too often, and when I do it seems that rather than being able to sit down and blow off some steam in a game, I spend half an hour updating everything. This is killing 'casual gaming' for me. I know this happens on the PC too, but seems way less frequent for games like SC2.

Comment: Re:stopped using it? (Score 4, Insightful) 857 857

by redbeardcanada (#40481777) Attached to: Why Microsoft Killed the Windows Start Button
I think for the most common tasks, people avoid the start bar by pinning their main applications (or use an applauncher in XP like Objectdock). The problem is when you need to do something other than the common. I think this will cause major confusion like the Office Ribbon where you know what you want to do, you know how you used to do it, but you can't find where it is anymore...

The Start menu was at least somewhat intuitive to find buried settings in Control Panel or seldom used programs.

Comment: Re:In Canada, if you're on EI... (Score 1) 1201 1201

by redbeardcanada (#40398995) Attached to: Why Bad Jobs (or No Jobs) Happen To Good Workers
I think you are correct on the percentage, and there is also a proposal to widen the area of the job offers (within 1hr commute). Currently you can turn down any good job that requires relocation or a change in commuting time.

I think a lot of good employer/employee fits are turned down due to a requirement to move...

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