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Journal Journal: This thing still on? 4

I'm writing this from Rose Barracks in Vilseck Germany. I'm Stationed here as a Scout in US Army. I'm also married with kid on the way. Those two sentences do a poor job of summarizing the last few years of my life if anybody is still active in this Journal clique I'll let you know the rest.

Miss you guys

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Journal Journal: Fucken hell 2

So here's the job: "They built two illegal singles into this apartment building on La Mirada. Now they need to have the drywall cut away so the electrical can be inspected." And why didn't we didn't just hang up on them? They're never gonna want to pay us the money we'll ask for this, it's a shit job in a shit neighbourhood and were over booked as it is.

The building manager can see I really don't want to deal with this shit so he tells me "don't worry it builds character."
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Journal Journal: Hey,

How goes dudes?

Coachella was really fucking cool, Tool fans are total fucking douche bags but they weren't much worse than the NIN fans of yesteryear. I made a mix-cd of all the bands I saw. A few friends of mine really liked it. So I figured I'd share

Journal Journal: Coachella 4

I just booked my hotel and bought my tickets I'm going to Coachella again this year. This time I'm going solo. Which will be way better for me. Nobody constantly whining about the heat.

In no perticular order the bands I'm looking forward to:
Depeche Mode
Daft Punk
Franz Ferdinand
Sigur Ros
TV On The Radio[1]
She wants Revenge
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Massive Attack[2]
Bloc Party
Art Brut

Journal Journal: iTunes tv

Looks like a good idea. If they could get a few more shows on there they might have a winner. If they can get a deal with fox (so far the only major network to hold out) before 24 airs they stand to make some money. Now if I could get that in HD...*

List of Shows I want on iTunes:
24 (fox)
The Shield (fx)
The Wire (hbo)
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Journal Journal: Improvised, Explosive, & Divisive

As I've said earlier, I read Harper's (not "Harper's Bazaar" you twit). The writers often times like to close their articles with an anecdotal story that sums up their original point. Which in this case is that the endgame strategy in Iraq isn't being given enough thought because the Administration, The Military, and the American people just don't care enough about Iraq.
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Journal Journal: F.Y.V.M.P.J. 8

Fuck You Very Much Peter Jackson.

Seriously, why the fuck did King Kong need to be over three hours? Other than "because Peter Jackson is a tool" I'm at a loss for words. At, or around the scene where a character gets eaten alive by giant maggots (a fate he could have easily avoided by simply walking away from them), I could no longer suspend disbelief and chose to laugh at the stupidity of the film.

Journal Journal: Clearchanel 103.1 2

There's this radio station in LA Called "Indie 103.1". They currently rein supreme as the station that sucks just a little less than all the others. Boy do they let it go to their heads though. The DJs are constantly going on about how "cool and indie" they are. Today on the drive home the Dj goes on about world premiering "The White Stripes - Walking with a ghost". Except it's not really a White Stripes song, nor is it new. "Tegan and Sara" came out with it last year. In the middle of the song

Journal Journal: LOL

Got this months Harper's in the mail today, flipped to "Harper's Index" and saw this little jem.

Chances that a user of Pfizer's new Parkinson's disease drug will become a pathological gambler as a result: 3 in 200.
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Journal Journal: SLAM!... SLAM! 3

Today my brother and I were car-pooling to work on Willsher Blvd. There was a sudden stop in traffic. When SLAM we get hit from behind, and then thirty seconds later we get hit again pushing us into the car right in front of us.

We start the info swap turns out the car we got pushed into just has scratches and it's a rental so he doesn't care.
The car behind us is fucked. It's a Saturn and got wedged between my brothers car and a Jeep SUV.

FORTUNE'S FUN FACTS TO KNOW AND TELL: A guinea pig is not from Guinea but a rodent from South America.