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Submission + - IBM Posts 13th Consecutive Quarterly Revenue Drop ->

Virtucon writes: Despite selling off and giving away business units and making "strategic investments", IBM continues to slide in revenue generation. Quarterly revenue is down 13.5% vs. same quarter last year. And surprise, they have no details on how they'll turn it around

IBM CFO Martin Schroeter did his best to reassure investors on a call that IBM is on the right track as it invests into areas that the company feels will one day generate high returns. Schroeter didn’t give any concrete details on how IBM’s “strategic imperatives” are currently contributing to the company’s bottom line.

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Submission + - Remote exploit on a production vehicle to be presented at BlackHat->

Matt_Bennett writes: A scary remote exploit is going to be published that enables someone connected to the the same wireless (mobile data) network to take over many systems, including braking. This is an exploit in Chrysler's Uconnect system. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek also demonstrated exploits in 2013 that could be done via a direct connection to the system, but this is vastly expanded in scope.
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Submission + - Ford's New Smart Headlights for Tracking Objects at Night->

An anonymous reader writes: Headlights, they have been around since the 1880’s when they were once fueled by oil and then shortly after in 1898 by electricity on the Columbia Electric Car. The basic functionality of the headlight has not changed in 135 years, until now. Ford has announced a new advanced illumination system for your next car that should make driving at night a lot safer. The new headlight system utilizes a standard and infrared camera to detect objects such as animal, pedestrians, or cyclists near the road. The spot lighting system can simultaneously locate and track up to eight people, and large animals up to 12 meters.
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Comment Re: People are creative (Score 1) 498 498

What is your statistical computation for this, that if things are bad now they'll get worse? If everybody started thinking like that, we would see failures occurring everywhere, more road accidents, more loan defaults, poorer grades in exams in general etc. In fact if you try to view things statistically, things tend to get better in future, followed by another phase of gloom. Its just like a waveform pattern, and as we grow older, we get better at handling failures, and avoiding big failures from happening at first place from our experience. You seem to be confusing suicide with euthanasia and that's a different subject altogether. Euthanasia is acure for terminal illness, not depression.

Comment Re:Wow. The linked thread... (Score 1) 338 338

I've been using Chrome and its open-source counterpart Chromium on my OpenSUSE laptop since 2009 or so and have noticed that their CPU usage is way higher than Firefox. Especially while handling Flash pages, the CPU usage climbs to 100% and it remains at that level even after I close the Flash site. The only way to bring back CPU usage to normal is to promptly close the application. My machine has decent specs, its got a i5 processor and 8 GB of memory and frankly this kind of performance is puzzling.
Firefox, on the other hand has kept improving on Linux with very release all over these years. I can therefore see no compelling reason to use Chrome or Chromium on Linux.

Comment Re:Ah...BBC..! (Score 1) 356 356

And what is the point in letting this pervert voice his opinion on TV; one who had showed no remorse during the trial too. Delhi rape was a very unfortunate incident, it has made a deep imprint in collective conscience of Indian society. Bringing it up again in this manner is painful; to be very precise. If the documentary's purpose was only to show if anything has improved after this incident, it was fine. Fine that they interviewed the policemen, the lawyers and victim's family, but why should this remorseless sadomasochist put his views on TV? There is a limit up to where Press freedom should be allowed and sadly its only the Government who can stop the Press. I would generally detest the former's interference in latter's affairs but sadly sometimes its the latter that is deviant as in this case; and it does need to be reined upon (For the record, i am the OP AC).

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