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Comment: Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 324

Except unlocking decrypts the device (generally). Unlocking a suitcase (your other example) doesn't make documents readable.

The fact is, phones should be able to be wiped before travel and having a quick restore option that brings everything back 100% once you're past customs. There is no border restriction or inspection (encrypted) on transferring the same data over the Internet - even if it crosses borders. So why should it apply to the physical phone?

Comment: Re:Important information for TV producers (Score 1) 136

by omnichad (#49191427) Attached to: A Critical Look At CSI: Cyber

Maybe that's more of a progress indicator to show the program hasn't frozen yet. The reality is that such a lookup would be faster than that, since the analyzed facial data points would already be cataloged.

It's nothing compared to password cracking software solving a password one letter at a time.

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